Monday, October 31, 2005

Observations & Eulogies

Gangsta D:

I see some Seminole fan called my phone on saturday. I didn't check my messages but I can only suspect he was calling to rub in the fact we were down 16-7. I think said Seminole fan should've been focusing on his own squad as they almost got beat by a 3rd tier team at home. Just a small bit of advice. Take it as you will.

Before the UNC game: We can beat Va Tech.
At halftime: We're gonna get killed by Va Tech.
After the UNC game: I have no idea.

We won't be able to run like that on the Hokies, soKyle is gonna have to make some plays. He's capable but he can't make dumb throws like he did on saturday. The defense played well but the D-line worries me. Not because they can't get after the QB, but because they rush so hard up the field. You have to contain Vick and clog his passing lanes, that means being disciplined. Don't know if we'll be able to do that, but we'll see.

I don't know who, but a bunch of people on UT's staff have got to get fired this year. Sorry Waldini. You CAN'T lose to South Cack. I mean you just can't lose that game. They went from BCS bowl, to mid-level bowl, to no bowl? Just an absolute disaster, plus they got the Irish next week in SouthBend. 3-5? Not the best babe...

The more I look at Vince Young, the more I'm convinced he's gonna be a greatWR in the NFL. Sorry but that release is killing me. I may be wrong, butwe'll see.


Vince Young is the truth. That cat put his team on his back and single handley destroyed OSU. I agree the release is horrible but when you throw for over 200 and run for 200 with ease, you earn my respect. I mean he was doing Playstation stuff out there. I realize that the Cowboys are not a good gauge and I want to see how he handles a good defense.

D, I spoke with Realist on Sat before halftime and I said "If the Canes lose, I know Gangsta is not going to want to hear your mouth.". Fortunately the real Miami showed up and buried UNC with their defense in the 3rd. That being said, your boys can't do that this wknd against Va Tech or it's ova. What's up with the new unis too. Didnt even recognize them :-).

My Vols...what can I say, they suck. You're absolutely right, they had no business losing to a South Cack team that is 3rd tier and playing without their best player. But as a great wise man has said time and time again,WINNERS WIN, LOSERS LOSE. UT is a loser. Print it, write it, whatever, the team has no heart. Btw the dropped passes, fumbles in the red zone, constant QB changing, all signs point to the coaching staff. Some of those guys might as well start clearing out their desks now. And yes they will be 3-5 after they lose to ND this wknd.

On the other hand, did you catch UCLA coming back from 17 down in the 4th to win in OT. That team has some heart. Do I think they will beat USC? Probably not. Do I think they can give them a good game? Most defnitely. Ilike Maurice Drew

Da Realist:

you ain't checked your message in 2 days??? yeah, right. but just in case you hadn't, i actually called to offer some encouragement to the boys. i DID NOT want them to lose last saturday. i paid too much money for these tickets next week for it to be a nothing game.

the noles are done. i don't want to talk aboutthem.

(sigh) i wish texas played somebody that could test them. they are just so much better physically than anyone they play. i suppose ohio state was a good win, but no one else. vince young is not that accurate, but when the WR is open by 5 yards... and no one makes them pay for turnovers. at least a couple per game.

i didn't see ucla because i was watching okie state collapse AGAIN to texas. i guess there's a reason they are winless in the big 12.

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