Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's the NBA Bi-itches!


- Raise your hand if you think Toine will put 20 plus points, 10 plus boards every night
- Realist was your team really down by 25 to the Bobcats at home? And was that Chris Duhon leading the charge back with a triple double?
- Why did Denver give all that moolah to Earl Watson if they are not going to play him? And he turned down LA's offer for what reason?!?!
- Is it too early for folks to jump on the Bucks bandwagon? Bogut is averaging a double double, Redd is avg 35 a game, TJ is averaging a double double....and this is with Magloire giving them pretty much nothing right now.
- If you're a sixers fan, would you worried that Webber and Iverson are avg 60 pts combined and you are still getting blown out?

What thoughts do you guys have on the league

Gangsta D:

-Toine hit his 1st three 3's. Not gonna happen every night, trust me.
-Sacramento is done. I'm trying to figure out how they keep the forks from falling out of their backs when they run up the court.
-Detroit looks nasty. Don't know about their bench, but the starters are pretty crucial.
-I think it's too early to hop on the Bucks bandwagon, but if Redd keeps shooting out of his mind they could be this year's Phoenix. I forgot how good Ford was coming out of Texas.
- Last year's Phoenix is a middle pack team. You can't lose THREE starters and expect to play at the same level. People still have them in the upper echelon, but i don't see it.

Da Realist:

not much. i haven't seen one game yet. admittedly it's a little hard to care right now because the nba in november sucks. but for the sake of "being in the conversation" everyday, i'll start watching some games.

did see sportscenter this morning. i thought it was very nice of kobe to point out the only reason he missed the game winner in regulation was because he"couldn't see". it was only obvious, because we all know the only way kobe misses a big shot is because he couldn't see or his pants were pulled down or something in that manner. just a little hate to wake you guys up. ;-) (c'MON,you guys need me. without me this would not be THELAKE SHOW, but THE LAKE SLURP SHOW)


Hate you give and hate you shall receive :-)

Guess you didn't watch the entire highlight b/c Kobe "graciously" allowed Phil to call the game winning play for Kwame in OT. But being the great man that he is, Kobe was like "cool", allowed Kwame to try and win the game. Then when Kwame missed, Kobe did what he needed to do. He rebounded the ball, pulled up, hit a jumper and iced the game with .6 on the clock. A great day for a great guy :-)

Now what'chu gotta say HAMMER!

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