Thursday, October 20, 2005

Prognostications Aplenty

Da Realist:

Time to separate the pros from the cons
The platinum from the bronze
That butter soft sh*t from that leather on the Fonz
An S-1 diamond from an I-class don
A Cham' Dom' sipper from a Rosay ni@@a<, huh?! --Jay-Z

virginia tech at maryland - maryland got dusted last year in blacksburg and would love nothing more than to beat the number 3 team in their backyard. the place should be rocking. but i don't think maryland has enough firepower against that rock-solid tech d.VIRGINIA TECH

tennessee at alabama - whew! alabama wants this game. they want this game real bad. the only problem is they ALWAYS want this game and it hasn't stopped them from losing 9 of 10. the vols are coming off a bye week and will be as prepared for this game as they can be. but i think bama is due. ALABAMA

michigan at iowa - i know iowa has a 23 game winning streak at home. i know iowa usually loses a couple and then finishes the season strong. but michigan still has a shot at the big 10 title and i think this is the week they put it together and finally win 2 straight. MICHIGAN

auburn at lsu - on paper, lsu is probably the most talented team in the country. speed everywhere. this will be a night game at baton rouge so you know they will be ready. but auburn's qb brandon cox is starting to come into his own. this is close, but...AUBURN

texas tech at texas - oh boy, wouldn't i love a longhorn loss here. but it won't happen. texas tech doesn't run the ball, which means they can't chew up the clock, which means they won't be able to get the longhorn offense off the field. conversely, texas can do just that to the red raiders. TEXAS


Ok, I am here this time so I can elaborate on my picks :-)

VT@Maryland - The Hokies D-fence is a monsta and I expect them to be able to slow down the Terps offense. I'm not on the bandwagon about Marcus being betta than Mike but I will say Marcus has gotten better with each game. The offense is producing pts when they need to.

VOLS@TIDE - You already know my answer to this :-). All jokes aside, K-Dawg called me this morning and asked me about who would I pick in this game to help him with college pick'em. 2 weeks ago, I would have said 'Bama in a slam dunk after the beat down they gave Florida and how pitiful Tenn looked against Ga. But Bama looked ordinary against Ole Miss and if it wasnt for the defense, it would have been over. Losing Prothro was a bigger blow than most think. However, Tenn's offense is prbly the worst in the SEC (or close to it). But the defense is legit. VOLS

MICH@IOWA - Both teams are overrated and were exposed by mediocre teams early in the season. Michigan "escaped" with a W over Penn St and Iowa quietly has been handling its' bidness. Is Michael Hart 100%? Kirk Ferentz is a decent coach and usually can turn his team around after negative situations so I think the Hawkeyes squeak one out. HAWKEYES

AUB@LSU - Did you guys know that Auburn is ranked :-)? I want to know who have they beaten a quality team. LSU isn't living up to their expectations either as even though they are extremely talented, I question their heart. But they get another major hurdle at home so I take LSU. TIGERS

TT@UT - Why are we even discussing this? I know TT has the top ranked offense in the Big 12 but it's the Big 12. Conference overall is garbag eand except for Texas, none of those other teams are ready for prime time. Sad to pick them again but Texas wins. LONGHORNS

Gangsta D:

Get ya weight up not ya hate up
Jigga man is diesel when i lift the 8 up
Ya'll ain't ready to work out with the boy
ya flow is brain on drugs
mines is rap on steroids
I lift every voice when i sing
my ability makes yours look like an exercise in futility

Va Tech will win again, but who cares. If they beat the 'U, they'll gain myrespect. Until then, no haps because I'm on "Hokie Swoon Watch."

Alabama almost lost to Ole Miss last week. It was a road game, yes. But Ole Miss isn't just garbage, they're the gunk at the bottom of the garbage bag. It took Brodie Croyle's moxie to get them in position to kick the FG. Without Prothro they have a decent but not explosive offense. On the otherhand, I don't know that UT even has a decent offense. They do have a good defense though. I don't think the players on either time care about theFulmer saga, so that won't be a factor. At Alabama, I'm gonna go with the Tide in a close one. 12-7

I don't trust Michigan. They basically had the Penn State game in hand and almost threw it away. They aren't a team that can win two big games in a row. Iowa is doing what they usually do which is lose early, sneak in under the radar and end up with 10 wins. They're right on schedule. Drew Tate will have a field day as the 'Eyes win by 2 TDs.

Don't know anything about Auburn this year, but LSU has serious scrub out tendencies. They should've beaten Florida by 20, but they kept coughing theball up. Jemarcus Russell shows flashes but no consistency. That being said, LSU is probably the more talented team and their at home. Tigers by10.

My upset special is Texas Tech over Texas. Insane pick you say? More than likely. The Raiders don't play defense you say? Absolutely right. But doesn't this feel like one of those crazy games where nothing goes the way it's supposed to. Maybe i just won't trust Mack Brown until they go undefeated.

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