Saturday, October 15, 2005

Predictions...or Who Doesn't Know What They're Talking About This Week

Da Realist:

this is the hardest week to predict so far this year. huge games all day long. i recognize that i could easily go winless this week. usc vs notre dame - i want notre dame to win. i really do. i want this to be a fantastic game where we see an overwhelming favorite lose to a big
underdog. i've been itching all week to find a reason to pick the irish. i just can't. as much as i've
heard and read from several people i usually respect that notre dame can win this game, i have to go by what i've seen. notre dame is vastly improved. they are much better. but you can't coach speed. usc has break-away speed and nd doesn't. usc is used to big games, nd isn't. i think the hype for this matchup is about 2 years early. wait until nd can get the type of players that can compete with usc and then we'll see. until then i'll just be hoping for an upset, not
predicting one... USC

colorado at texas - i would be surprised if texas loses this game at home. there may be some letdown, but texas knows it must win out to get back to the rose bowl. they have their eyes on the prize right now and i don't think they'll let it go. colorado talked big noise going down to coral gables and lost 23-3. this texas team is better. TEXAS

penn state at michigan - penn state has a pretty good defense. the question is will their offense cough up some turnovers that michigan can capitalize on. they haven't won a significant road game all year. doesn't mean they can't, just that they haven't. also, which michigan team will we see? the one that lost to notre dame at home or the one that beat michigan state on the road? they already have 3 losses. what else are they fighting for? penn state sees a chance for an
undefeated season. i don't think penn state will run the table, but i don't think michigan will be the one to stop them. PENN STATE

florida at lsu - this game has lsu all over it. lsu will not lose a second straight game at death valley. florida is in the middle of what could be a long season. lsu has even more speed than tennessee. the tigers will use that speed to knock around chris leak. LSU

wisconsin at minnesota - both of these 5-1 teams are still looking to win the big ten. whoever loses this game, however, can fuggetaboutit. wisconsin just lost to northwestern while allowing 51 points! i know they'll come back stronger than last week, but still... minnesota just came off a huge win at michigan last week and is feeling confident. MINNESOTA

michigan state at ohio state - oh boy, another tough one. michigan state is a good team. and they did beat notre dame on the road. but their defense is S-U-S-P-E-C-T. on the other hand, osu has a stout defense, but their offense is too conservative. strength vs strength. what type of game will this be. can msu go into the ol' horseshoe and beat a determined buckeye team still smarting from last week's loss? or will msu jump out to an early lead that osu can't recover from? this is a true pick'em game for me, but i'll go with the home team. OHIO STATE

florida state at virginia - ahhhh, the first time i am predicting a game the seminoles are playing in. what makes me nervous is that, beside having the youngest team of the top ten, we have only played one road game. and bobby's boys are known for coughing up a middle-of-the-season game against a fired up team on the road the last couple of years. can they go out and beat a team deadset on avoiding 3 straight losses? virginia knows it's done for the year (2 losses
already and they end the season with ga tech, va tech and miami), but a win against fsu will make their season. this makes me nervous, but i like this fsu team. they seem to be maturing every game. this game will be a test, but i think my boys will eventually pass it. FSU

Gangsta D:

USC will beat the Irish. Notre Dame hasn't seen the kind of speed 'SC will drop on them. For whatever reason, people are not only giving them a chance to beat the Trojans, some are even picking them. WTF?!? Top five passing game against bottom ten passing defense. USC defense isn't as good as last year, but Notre Dame's offense is nowhere near 'SC. The Trojans drop
at least 40 and beat "The Fighting Weis's" by 3 TDs.

Trap game! Don't be surprised if this game is close going into the 4th Qtr. Texas just exorcised a stable full of demons and they see nothing but a clear path to Pasadena. However, achieving success and dealing with prosperity require two different mind states. Texas wins, but they
sleepwalk through it.

Not sold on the Nittany Lions. They're still inexperienced and make too many turnovers. But Michigan is underachieving yet again. Nevertheless, I can't beleive that this Penn State team is good enough to beat OSU and Michigan in back to back weeks, even if neither of those teams are stellar. I think the Big House will be too much for the young lions and Michigan eeks out a close one.

Rush your ends up the field and tell them to stick their hands up if they can't get to the QB. That seems to be the way to stiffle Chris Leak. Last time they faced a real good SEC team, they got destroyed. How will Leak respond in Death Valley? Will Meyer continue to try to run the spread
option even though Leak couldn't possibly be more ill-suited? I'm not sold on Florida and I think the Tigers will be hella pissed after letting the Vols come back on them. LSU by 10.

I have no clue. Neither team is really any good. But average teams that have big wins the week before always worry me. The Gophers beat Michigan, now what? Do they scrub out or play well? I have a feeling they scrub out. The Baaadgers by 3.

I'm not picking OSU again. I told you guys they were overrated. And no this has nothing to do with the Nat'l title they didn't win. They don't know how to use their weapons. The Spartans have enough offense to get it done. The 'Shoe will be rocking and the Buckeye defense will play
well, but their offense will let them down.

You think I'm gonna give love to the 'Noles. Cry in your beer after the game. Cavs by one!

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