Monday, November 28, 2005

Da Realist Concedes a Point?

Da Realist:

this past weekend is the reason i don't like conference championships. first of all, it ain't fair that you go through the whole 10 game season and end up with the best record only to have to play one more game to officially "win" the conference. did you two see fsu get their asses handed to them saturday. they lost 3 straight games, yet they have a shot at the orange bowl. what about the big 12 north? colorado has a chance to wrap itup AT HOME against nebraska and what do they do? they didn't just lose,they got the snot beat out of them. so now all iowa state has to do is beat kansas on saturday and what do they do? LOSE! so now colorado has a chance to "win" the big 12, even though texas already beat the snot out of them earlier in the season.

and besides, lsu gets an extra game (sec championship) to impress voters while penn state sits at home (no big 10 championship). it ain't fair. mypreference would be to get rid of the conf. championships but whether youhave them or not, all conferences should play by the same rules.

Gangsta D:

I like conference championship games, but i agree that all conferences should have them. If Texas is truly the second best if not best team in the country, then CU won't get within 20. If the Buffs win, then that's Texas' fault not the conference title game.

Da Realist:

are you kidding me? why does it not surprise me that you like the conference championships? texas already beat colorado! sorry buffs. maybe next year suckers. next time win the game. that's the way it should be.


Either all conferences should have them or none at all. There's nothing more crappy then watching an underdog like Texas A&M upset a Kansas St in the Big 12 game :-)

Gangsta D:

Riddle me this Batman, what if lo and behold the division winners don't play each other in the regular season like.....LSU and UGA? Georgia's a Shockley injury away from having the same record as LSU. What if like three years ago when Iowa won the Big Ten, you don't play the best teams in your conference that year? Are you really the conference champion?

Da Realist:

yeah, i see your point. maybe there is some use to conference championships, but some changes would have to be in place.

you have to play everyone in your division.

you can't play anyone in the other division. the only time you can possibly play that team is in the conference championship. this would have force theACC to put miami and fsu in the same division every year. it also guarantees the championship game is a rematch.

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