Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Predictions and Prognostications


FSU@FLA - Wow both teams are stumbling into the finish line and it's hard decision to make. Leak's a better QB than Weatherford but Bobby's a better coach than Urban (track record wise). I'm picking Florida only b/c they are at home not b/c I think they are better than FSU. I want to see if Realist's Jedi training is complete and if he has converted to the darkside of FSU :-). GATORS

UGA@GT - All of sudden, the Yellow Jackets are dragon slayers (see victories at Auburn, at Miami). The last time we saw UGA, they disappointed losing to a surprising Auburn team at home. This is a hard game to call b/c both teams do too much Jekyll and Hyde. You never know which squad will show up or not. But I'm going with Shockley b/c I dont think he wants to end his regular season career on a downer. BULLDAWGS

UT@A&M - "Reggie Bush, you did your thing on Sat night, now it's my turn" -Vince Young. You dont think Vince is sitting there thinking to himself, he has to do something big on Sat to wow the Heisman committee. I am a Bush backer but Vince isnt far behind in the balloting, according to different critics. Texas A&M were supposed to challenge UT this year but they have been a major disappointment. Franchionne (sp?) has stunted Reggie McNeal's growth severly this year. LONGHORNS

PITT@WVA - Pitt was absolute trash to start the year but have slowly come around and are one win from being bowl eligible. Rich Rodriguez knows his team is in the driver's seat for that automatic BCS bid so I dont think he lets his team come out flat. Plus I think Dave Wannstedt is a jabroni.MOUNTAINEERS

ARK@LSU - This one made the cut b/c Arkansas traditionally has played LSU tough no matter how good or bad they are in a season. LSU is another team that's in the driver's seat and they win this, they clinch the West and and appearance in the SEC bowl. Amazing considering 3 weeks ago, people wereprojecting them to go to the Outback Bowl. Now they can control there own destiny and could wind up in a BCS bowl if they win out. Jamarcus, this is your chance to make me believe that you are better than I think you are.TIGERS

ND@STAN - My hate tells me to pick the Cardinal. My loathing tells me thatNotre Dame is bound to come up short. My disgust wants Weis and Quinn to fly out of Cali with a long look on their face. Too bad my spider sense trumps all of that above. Unfortunately, the Irish will win this one and continue to "prove" the conspiracy is in effect. FIGHTING IRISH

UVA@UM - I put this one on here only b/c of what GT did last week. But I dont think Miami suffers the same letdown against the Cavs. I can picture them now playing that 7th floor crew song again and getting themselves ready to layeth the smacketh down on Al Groh's boys. I wouldnt want to be a Cavs fan this Sat. CANES

Da Realist:

FSU @ UF - this game is the hardest to call out of the whole list. neither team will want to lose this game. fsu has already lost 2 straight games and florida wants to get the taste of the spurrier loss out of their mouths. i've been back and forth on this one for almost 2 weeks, but i'm picking florida for a few reasons. first of all, it's senior day. secondly, i don't think the noles' corners can compete with the gator wide receivers in man to man coverage the whole game and if they drop the safeties to help out, the gator running game will take over. next, the noles can't run the ball and leon washington is still hurt. and lastly, i think fsu is still trying to save their best game for the acc championship. of course they want to win, but they are banged up on both sides of the ball. if a keyplayer is 60% effective this saturday, why not rest him this week against florida in a meaningless game and let him rest up for another 2 weeks in the championship game? FLORIDA

UGA @ GT - i said a couple of weeks ago that georgia tech plays the big boys well but they don't show up against softies. i also said miami would get gt's best game. what was left unsaid is this, gt is only good for one great performance a year. they had that last week. the yellow jackets will be patting themselves on the backs all week because of last week. conversely, the yellow jackets win caught the attention of the bulldogs. gt will haveto be even better to win this game and my guess is, they won't be. GEORGIA

TEXAS @ A&M - A&M looks lost. their team is beat up and have no they confidence. texas sees the light at the end of the tunnel. they may lose, but it won't be this game. TEXAS

PITT @ WEST VIRGINIA - pittsburgh sucks and i don't believe in dave wannstedt. i don't think his team believes in him either.

WEST VIRGINIAARK @ LSU - lsu is too talented for arkansas to handle. arkansas will bringthe running game, but will need to be better balanced offensively to beat lsu. and there is no way the hogs can match the tiger's speed. LSU

ND @ STANFORD - nd will beat the cardinal so bad they'll be calling themselves toby. there is no way the irish miss out on this payday. NOTREDAME

UVA @ MIAMI - virgina already has what it wanted - a bowl berth. they're now shutting things down this year. miami will come out breathing fire and handle the wahoos pretty handily. MIAMI

Gangsta D:

FSU vs UF - The Noles will win because Urban Meyer has no ties to BobbyBowden. Plus, no way they lose three in a row. I just can't see Bobby letting that happen.

Dogs vs Gnats - Tech shot their wad last week. They won't be able to blitz Shockley like they did Kyle, he'll take off and burn 'em for 30 on the ground. No way the Dogs lose to UF and Tech in the same year again. But, Demario Minter better be wary of Calvin Johnson. Dude is legit. Any time someone goes off on the 'U like he did, he gets my respect.

Bevo vs Aggies - Uh you think Young Vince is motivated after the performance El Presidente gave last week? Expect him to go for 300+ yds passing and200+ yds rushing. It's 42-0 in the 2nd Qtr.

Pitt vs WV - Who cares? Pitt, Wanndstedt's mustache will be the deciding factor.

Hogs vs Tigers - LSU is a Leinert/Young injury away from the nat'l championship game...maybe. At any rate, they are close and if they beat theHogs and destroy UGA maybe they get some swing votes. Either way, they don't lay down in this one.

Fighting Drunks vs Cardinal - Notre Dame in a laugher, unfortunately. They will knock a more deserving one loss team out of the BCS.

Cavs vs 'Canes - I imagine the team is thoroughly embarassed by their play last week and will come out with a chip on their shoulder. And they may even keep Kyle from eating mud pies this game. Very slim hope of an ACC championship game still lives, so maybe they come with the swagger. Canes by at least 10.

Da Realist:

what in the hell??? you've picked the noles 3 times this year and are 1-2 so far. this will soon be 1-3. tech "shot their wad"??? hey, isn't this a family-oriented blog? you picked PITT???

Gangsta D:

I gotta pick different games than you dudes, who picked the EXACT same games. I don't believe in ties. I either win or lose. And yes, I'm the kind of guy that would go for two at the end of the game instead of playing it safe.

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