Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Realist Succombs To The Darkside

Da Realist:

i'm done with florida state. done. i'm throwing 15 years down the drain. i don't believe in the program anymore. i'm making a transition...

i made the first step last night. wifey and i talked about this for hours and finally came to a conclusion...the right conclusion. i then called a cousin of ours to verbally state our intention, which after much initial doubt, he finally agreed with. but this won't be finalized until i do one thing...

Gangsta, i humbly ask you to accept me as a cane fan. this isn't very easy to do, but there is only one team that i have followed as much as the seminoles. love and hate are 2 different emotions but both bring the same amount of intensity. i know the canes about as well as i know the noles. i am sick and tired of bubba's boys and it's time for me to go to the dark side of the force, never to return. what sayeth thou?

Gangsta D:

Seriously people. The man has fallen on his sword. Howcan I deny him? The Hurricane nation welcomes you.

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Tyrone aka Grimlock said...

This is funny and sad. As a lifetime follower of college football in the great state of Florida, I've never seen FSU fans so disgusted with their team. Well, can't say we didn't see it coming. Bubba replaced Mark Richt with Jeff Bowden. Strike 1. Let his best recruiter walk (Chuck Amato) and never replaced him. Strike 2. Stuck with Chris Rix for 4 LONG years. Strike 3, program crippled. Bubba is too old and too stubborn. Now X. Lee will be wasted on the sideline if he doesn't transfer. At least Miami had the NCAA probation excuse for their mid 90s slide. The 'Canes came back with a vengeance. Regardless of what you see this year, the Gators will be better with Urban Meyer. FSU is looking at 3rd place in the state. What's Bubba's excuse?