Wednesday, November 09, 2005

OD'd on T.O.


Realist, I saw the press conference last night and I got a kick out of Drew making his comments, then basically answering every question with "Next Question."

Da Realist:

it was funny because TO tried to come off as apologetic and contrite then drew stepped up. everything TO did to win style points, drew stepped all over it.

"TO tried to apologize, but obviously that wasn't good enough".
"He's a good person, a competitor, that is being treated unfairly".
"I know players who have been suspended for drugs andviolence and they don't get treated as unfairly as TO"
"I LOVE TO. He's a wonderful human being and for some people to suggest that I haven't supported him is LUDICROUS!!! He's a good man."
"He wants to play ASAP. He wants to be on the field against the cowboys. I'm going to do everything in my power to make that happen.
"drew, why didn't TO make a similar apology a couple of days ago? "Next Question"
"drew, has TO apologized to Donovan personally? "NextQuestion"
drew, has TO had any contact with the Eagles management regarding his suspension? "I don't talkabout personal conversations between TO and managment"
drew, is it true TO had a physical altercation with another player and did this force the team to suspend him? "Next Question"


Either you cut/pasted the dialogue from an internet site or you have one of the best memories ever :-). Pretty accurate account

Da Realist:

nah, i remembered everything. had the espn radio stream on my computer yesterday and i was laughing my head off! that's why i asked if y'all were listening because i knew you would think it was as funny as i did. if i were the eagles i wouldn't suspend him. i wouldlet him rot on the bench like the redskins are doing to lavar arrington.

why didn't you play TO today? "Next Question"


Did you see PTI yesterday, specifically DanLeBatard's 5 good mins piece? He was defending TO but saying that Drew has been bad for TO and has been giving him bad advice. I've heard or read different sportswriters that have said the only way the Eagles should take TO back is if McNabb publicly forgives and give the OK to allow TO back with the team.

On the flip side, I think it's safe to say that TO-McNabb has surpassed Kobe-Shaq as the Rockiest relationship of the new millenium :-). Others onthe list include Barry Bonds-Jeff Kent, Keyshawn Johnson-Jon Gruden, RayAllen-Glenn Robinson.

Gangsta D:

TO's not coming back. The Eagles are willing to pay him for every game he'll miss, they just want him gone. Even if they don't win their next two, which I don't think they will, TO's gonna be chillin on the couch. The question is, who is gonna make a run for him and what kind of deal are they gonna offer.

Da Realist:

they'll be takers, but certainly no long term contracts. he'll be a mercenary for hire unless he can convince some team he's changed his ways.

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