Friday, November 18, 2005

Rivalry Weekend...Patna!

Da Realist:

alabama at auburn - despite the fact that auburn lost to lsu, i still think they are the best team in the SEC. watch out, auburn is gonna be nasty next year. as far as this game is concerned, i just think alabama is gonna have a hard time getting their defense off the field. auburn is more balanced than LSU and should be better at running the football. that tiger offensive line is a beast and they'll find a way to wear down the tide. alabama needs turnovers to keep them in the game. AUBURN

ohio state at michigan - how would you like to be michigan right now? you've lost 3 of the last 4 to "that team down south" AND you're underdogs in your own stadium! think that wouldn't fire you up? last year the wolverines got dismantled by troy smith and the buckeyes 37-21. revenge will be on the minds of the wolves but i'm not sure that will be enough. chad henne will be under mucho pressure all game long so michigan will need a healthy and effective mike hart to take some of the pressure off. on theother side, ohio state has the potential to be explosive offensively, but sometimes jim tressel plays it too close to the (sweater) vest. playing too conservatively can provide a hole for michigan to go through just like texas did. but the guess here is ohio state will win because they are the more complete team, they have more weapons on offense and their defense is better. OHIO STATE

south carolina at clemson - steve spurrier deserves some kind of award forwhat he's done to the gamecocks. they are traditional also-rans that are still legitimately in the SEC title race. but let's be real, the gamecocks have been winning based on smoke and mirrors. they were outgained last week in a home win against florida and also on the road against tennessee. one of these days they will have to play an opponent that isn't spooked by the ole ball coach. this is the week. clemson OWNS this series, winning 9 of 10. they won't be spooked by the crowd because they've won 4 of the last 5 in columbus, and charlie whitehurst is aiming to go 4-0 against the gamecocks in his final game in the rivalry. if chanci stuckey has the kind of game he had against the noles, this won't even be close. CLEMSON

penn state at michigan state - michigan state is in the middle of another year-end collapse. they have lost 2 straight and 5 of 6 games. yet, they will give penn state their best game on senior day. beware of teams fighting for a bowl berth. the spartans are one win away from going on an all-expenses paid vacation and they are going to fight for it. one thing to keep in mind is that PSU's best games have come at home. the spartan offense is explosive, but penn state's defense is like a rock. and offensively, the lions may have more speed than the spartans have seen all year. there is no stopping this nittany lion train this year, they will go BCS-bowling. all the criticism they've endured over the past few seasons will motivate this team to go on the road and beat the spartans. penn state will win the Big-10 and send joe pa to either the fiesta or the orange bowl and allow him to send a big FUCK YOU! to all the people who doubted him and suggested he should retire. PENN STATE

oklahoma at texas tech - look, there are 2 teams in the big 12 - OU andTEXAS. the other teams are filler. i know texas tech is 8-2 and they have an explosive offense, but they turn the ball over too much, have nodefense and no way to get adrian peterson and the sooners offense off the field. rhett bomar is cutting down his mistakes and AD is finally healthy again. OU will control the line of scrimmage and eventually wear down the red raiders. OKLAHOMA


BAMA@AUB - Has any team flown under the radar more than Auburn this year?They, like Miami, struggled at the beginning of the year losing ugly to GaTech and LSU. The win in Georgia was impressive to me b/c I didnt think Auburn was that good. Alabama, on the other hand, lost its offensive mojo eons ago when Prothro was lost for the year. I think the offense purposely tries to lose games now (j/k). Bama's kung fu was broken last week when LSU won in OT in Tuscaloosa. Expect Auburn to finish the job this week. TIGERS

OHIO ST@MICH - The Bucks have averaged over 40 pts a game in their past 5 games. That's amazing considering earlier this year they scored 40 points total in their first 3 games. Michigan has rebounded from a horrible start and have been posting Ws in the column. It's weird, no matter how good Ohio St or how much better on paper they are than Michigan for a given season, they find a way to stumble and lose. I dont think the Bucks stumble this time. BUCKEYES

SC@CLEM - And so begins Spurrier's back to back weekends of playing the Bowden boys. He's definitely the SEC coach of the year for getting that mediocre team to win this year. I dont even know who's on that team. Clemson is prbly one of the more frustrating teams to watch. They win games they shouldnt (FSU) and lose games they shouldnt (Wake). My guess is Tommy B gives his boys the annual "My job is on the line" pre-game speech and Clemson pulls it out. Oh how I would love to be at home for the annual Bojangles Bowl :-). TIGERS

PSU@MSU - Easy call. Penn State. NITTANY LIONS

OKLA@TT - I dont know why I should care about this gEame but I will flip a coin and see what it says. Tails Sooners win, Heads Red Raiders win. Coin is flipped's....HEADS!! Everyone here is TT, the winner of the 50% probability game :-). RED RAIDERS

Gangsta D:

No expert analysis today, just picks. I gotta headache:)


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