Thursday, November 10, 2005


Gangsta D:

Damn you really have given up on FSU.

Bowden @ Bowden - I don't buy your theory that teams that have secured a playoff slot will coast. One because if they were to lose a game they will lose that slot and possibly a chance at the tournament. But that theory kind of does hold true in this instance. FSU could have 3-4 losses going to the championship game. Their defense is still good, but Rix-I mean Weatherford is killing them at times. I remember 4 years ago when people said that Rix was erratic and inconsistent but he was just a freshman and he would grow out of it. Sound familiar? No way Bobby loses this game. He couldn't stomach a 4 or 5 loss season. They figure out a way to keep Weatherford from beating them and eek out a W.

Trojans @ Kodiaks - Colin Cowherd had Beano Cook on his show this week and Colin asked if Texas was the only team that could beat the Trojans. Beano said, "Yeah them and the Colts." Hyperbole for sure, but no way Cal beats USC. They're just destroying people like NCAA Football set on "Freshman"level. 'SC by 20.

Gators @ South 'Cak - Urban Meyer CANNOT lose this game. He can't. It would be disastrous. That being said, Spurrier will probably have about 5 formations never before seen by human eyes. He will go for it on 4th and 5 from HIS 20 yard line. He will fake punts, throw double reverse passes, and cause all kinds of chaos. I think the Cocks believe in themselves and I'm still not sold on the spread option. Cocks by 1.

Tigers @ Tide - Alabama CAN'T score. Just. Can't. Score. They've scored what 3 offensive TDs in the past 3 games. Their defense is solid, but without Prothro they can't do anything. It's amazing how much one person can affect the entire offense. Mike Shula should get 40 lashes every week for leaving Prothro in against Florida. This week it comes back to bite him. LSU underacheives yes, but remember Les Miles beat OU two years in a row. This is for the SEC West. I think they'll be ready to play. Bengals by 8.

War Eagle @ UGA - Shockley's not 100%. The 'Dog D-line still has injuries. They still don't have a #1 WR. McFadden ran all over them but the Hogs still lost. Auburn's a better team, but UGA is better with Shockley. He'll still be mobile enough to make a few plays. Plus the SEC East is on the line and they're at home. UGA by 9.

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