Thursday, December 22, 2005

All The Roses

Da Realist:

does texas have a chance to knock off usc in the rose bowl?

Gangsta D:

They got a chance, but I don't see it happening. Texas hasn't seen a team like 'SC all year. Will they get blown 55-3, probably not. It'll be a shootout, but 'SC should handle it. Oh yeah, I still don't trust Mack Brown in a big game.


Ditto here....I dont think the Longhorns can hold USC behold 31 points, which I think that is the only way you can beat this team.

Da Realist:

good point. but it can be argued that usc hasn't seen a team like texas either. but the mack brown rule definitely applies here. i don't even think it will be close. 42 - 21 or something like that. usc's offensive line is a BEAST. they don't get any credit because of the big 3, but there is a reason bush and white are running at full speed 5 yards deep before they get touched -- IF they get touched. and with a dominant line like that you can't stop all 3 weapons. usc will have a month to shore up it's defense for vince young. contain him and texas is done. make vince have to throw for 300+ yards to beat them.

on the other side of the ball, the teams that have given usc trouble this year we teams that had short, controlled passing attacks that kept the usc offense off the field. texas plays a risky, home run deep passing attack that is designed to score quickly, but is also prone to turnovers. i don't think vince is a) gonna have the time he's used to getting behind center to make those throws and b) isn't going to be accurate enough within the allotted amount of time he will have to be successful over the course of the game.

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