Monday, December 19, 2005

Lupica Sucks!!!


Did you guys watch Sports Reporters yesterday?? Realist's favorite, JasonWhitlock was on and he and Lupica got into a heated discussion about EliManning. After that, they both kept using Mitch Albom as their sounding board, saying things like "Mitch had a great point" or "Mitch is right". Butnever did they refer to each other after that standoff....Business never personal gentlemen :-)

Gangsta D:

I love how Lupica was all "Will you let me finish?" Hilarious. This guy cuts more people off than a New York cabbie. What a dick...

Da Realist:

yeah i saw it. lupica's a verbal bully. he will always get the last word even if he has to shout over everyone else to get it. it sure seemed like lupica is on the manning payroll or something because he took it personal when jason said eli was (basically) overrated.

here are a couple things i think SR needs to address:
i really do wish they would do a better job of rotating the talking heads. john saunders should be the only given every sunday. i'm sure there are columnists all over the country that would love to participate in the show. these guys they keep trotting out there makes the show seem old and stale.

it could also move to vary up the topics every once in a while. every sunday there are 3 main segments - the first 2 are about the nfl and the last about whatever the current news worthy topic is. there are other things to talk about than TO and what td celebration chad johnson did LAST sunday.

the fact that the show only comes on once a week makes it look outdated.


I'm with you Realist..for the majority of this year, it was Lupica, Albom, and Ryan with Saunders as the host. Considering Lupica is as Gangsta put it, "a dick", they need someone who is less objective to criticism.

I did love how Whitlock did not let his emotions get the best of him even when Lupica kept goin on and on about all these stats he knew. And Whitlock simply replied "52% completion rate". He;s right, that wont get it done in the playoffs

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