Thursday, December 01, 2005

Darth Waldini....Riiiise!


Did either of you catch the Duke/Indiana game last night. Personally, not a fan of either but I found myself rooting for Duke after one moment. The camera crew found a guy in the stands who was wearing Duke gear surrounded by nothing but Hoosier fans. You dont think he was shit talking with those cats the entire game. From that point, I was like, aw, I would love to be that guy talking smack and walking out talking more smack after my team won. It would have been similar to an incident I experienced a few years ago....

2 yrs ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Lakers/Rockets game during the time everyone was hyping Shaq vs Yao. I purposely broke out my Laker Van Exel jersey (one of my all time favorite Lakers) to wear for all the Superfans in Houston. Now to give you the quick background this was the season that Kobe had been accused of rape but had not gone to trial yet. I caught a few glares and heckles from fans as I came in but you know me, I'm not fazed. My wife and I calmly took our cheap seats (won them in a company raffle) and 3 dudes happen to come and sit next to us.

The 3 cats are young, white, and in their early to mid-20s. They do the usual, talk about work while they drink their beer. As the game starts, one guy is just infatuated with hating on Kobe. During the pregrame, he repeatedly points out that "Kobe is a rapist", "Kobe is a jerk", etc. Early in the game, he keeps saying how Kobe is not that good, he's overrated, yada yada yada. Now my wife is looking at me b/c she knows I am about to say something and I mentioned to her at halftime that I gotta be. I'm gonna start talking....

So 3rd quarter begins and the guy again continues to scream "There goes therapist, there goes the rapist" everytime Kobe shoots the ball. So I decide to talk out loud too and say "It's amazing how people can judge a person even though Kobe has not been found guilty nor is he in jail. I mean how would a person feel if I said 'There goes the alcoholic, there goes the alcoholic' every time he drank his beer". The guy's face is bright red, my wife's eyes are rollin, and I've got the biggest grin on my face. That was probably one of my more satisfying evenings. Another one would be the standoff btw me and this dude during Game 3 of the 2001 Finals but that's another story.

The only thing missing from that evening was D being there to provide more commentary :-). I guess I just love being on the dark side and rooting against people who makes asses of themselves.

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