Thursday, December 01, 2005

Predictions, Prognostications, & Failures

Da Realist:

navy at army - i hear people say this is the greatest rivalry. i just don't see it. maybe it used to be, but... anyway, navy is like the nebraska of the academies - option, option, option. army has won 4 straight games but navy's rushing attack will be too much. NAVY

colorado vs texas - colorado just choked in it's last 2 games so of course i'm going to go with...TEXAS

fsu vs virgina tech - bobby is STILL defending his boy. vt is stronger in every area. to borrow a phrase from moses malone, it's gonna be fo,fo,fo for bobby and his boys. VIRGINIA TECH

ucla at usc - i was itching to call the upset in this game. noting ucla's 3 week layoff to prepare and their motivation to knock off ! "big brother",i would have picked the bruins to win this game. but fresno state didn't do them any favors. usc has had to hear for 2 weeks how they should have lost to the bulldogs and how weak their defense is. i think this game will be close and i still wouldn't be surprised to see ucla win, i'm just not picking them. USC

georgia vs lsu - you can't find two more evenly matched teams. i've been wavering on this game since last week. one day i'm sure lsu will win, then i'm convince georgia will find a way. tonight i'm in a bulldawg kind of mood. when 2 evenly matched teams go at it, i usually look at the coach as the difference. although he can be a little conservative at times, i believe in mark richt. i think dj shockley will find ways to avoid the lsu blitz and punish the secondary. GEORGIA


Navy vs Army - Navy's the one with the winning record right? So I pick the Midshipmen. The real choice for this should have been are you going to or not going to watch this game. I know I will not be. MIDSHIPMEN

Buffaloes vs Longhorns - The battle of the four legged animals is on. MackBrown says there are no similarities btw this game and the 2001 Big 12 title game when these 2 teams met (The favored Longhorns lost). Gary Barnett says there are similarities. Who do I believe? Mack Brown b/c he has Vince Young this year who is better than the QB they had in 2001. HOOK'EM HORNS

Noles vs Hokies - I really don't want to pick as I think the Canes should be here. Damn you cats for losing to FSU so early :-). FSU is in a tailspin, the critics are calling for Jr's head, the fans are writing negative slogans on schoolgrounds, etc. That is a lot of off the fieldstuff for a young team to overcome and get mentally prepared for Va Tech. On the flip side, will the real Marcus Vick, please stand up, please stand up. Yea his boys won last week but he still looked rattled at QB last week. Thankfully the defense will get to feast on another hapless offense. HOKIES

Bruins at Trojans - Aw, the Men of Troy vs their cross-town rivals. Likethe Realist, I was going to pick the Bruins to win but I think the Trojans are motivated again. I'm thinking it will be like the first game after they beat ND when they beat the stuffing out of their opponent. White is hurt, so what? They got a multitude of weapons of offense including the 2005 Heisman Trophy Winner/2006 NFL #1 Overall draft pick on their squad (They call him Mr Bush). Plus does anyone think the Bruins defense can hold the Trojans offense below 31 points. Hell naw...Like I said before the only way you are beating USC is if you hold them below 31. TROJANS

Bulldawgs vs Tigers - The game that will separate the men from the boys. If you are checking the score count, Realist and I are tied heading into this week and up until now I have picked the same winners as him. The buck stop shere my friend as my pick for the SEC is LSU. Yes, Georgia has the "homefield" advantage playing in the Ga Dome. Yes, Georgia has an offensive wizard in Mark Richt. Yes, Georgia has a good qb in Shockley. But overall LSU has better talent and they have played much, much better since the 9/26 debacle when they lost to the lowly Vols. TIGERS

Gangsta D:

Navy vs Army - If this was 1905, the game might matter. But since it's 2005, it don't. Army.

Ralphie vs Bevo - Young Vince is about to take that next step. The Buffs back their way into the title game after losing the last reg season game. Texas is firing on all cylinders and have KILLED the Big 12 this year. So obviously I'm picking the Buffs. (Gotta to have any shot at the title)

Noles vs V Tech - Another who cares game. Miami should be here, but we couldn't get out of our own way so we'll be coming to Jax as Gator Bowl participants. Yippeeeeeeeee! Jeff Bowden is done. Bobby is a few degrees off himself. If they don't show up like they at Florida, Bubba may have to put in for early retirement. V Tech

UCLA vs 'SC - I like the 'SC football team more than the UCLA football team. I like the UCLA basketball team better than the 'SC football team. I don't like the clippers. So that means the UCLA basketball team is the only LA team that I like with a winning record. Therefore I'm picking the Bruins in an upset. Make sense? Yeah, not to me either but I need the pick.

Tigers vs Dawgs - OK, actual analysis. LSU is more talented than UGA but they don't come anywhere near their potential. UGA is not as talented, but they play at a higher level. So they're even. This is Jamarcus' first truly big game. This is the first time Shockley has started in the title game, but he threw a TD in the Sugar Bowl as a freshman so he's been in pressure situations before. Nevertheless, LSU will come after him and he will have to have a 21-30 250 yds passing, 50 yds rushing kind of day. Could happen, but LSU is tough on defense. All things are equal except for coaching and home field. UGA has the advantage in both. The Georgia Dome will be quite red on saturday. So I'm going with the Dawgs

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