Monday, December 12, 2005

Too Much Heat For The Hedgehog

Da Realist:

we all know svg was forced out. but aside from that, is this a good move?will pat create a better team than svg did?

Gangsta D:

Nope. It's hard to make blueberry pancakes with strawberries. I'm sure Riles thinks he can push them in the right direction, but they are not compatible as a team. It would take Wade going off and Shaq playing like 2000 Shaq in the playoffs. Don't see it happening, but sometimes strange shit happens...


Well they should be better simply b/c Shaq is back. We honestly won't know if it was Shaq's return or Riles' coaching that did the trick IF the Heat go on a tear. I am reading reports now that players like Wade, Mourning, and Payton had become unresponsive and lackadaisical to SVG's coaching. Again coincidence :-)

Da Realist:

and it's a coincidence that one game after shaq comes back, svg suddenly remembered he had a family. what a load of bull


You already knew the conspiracy was in effect once Riles blew up the whole team and the rumor leaked out that he wanted to return to coaching. The sad part is if the Heat dont win the title this year (which I still dont think they will do), Riles' return will be seen as a complete failure and my instincts tell me he will blow the team up again....

What folks dont see is that the Heat are going to be very Laker/Sixer like in about 2 years when Shaq truly has declined and has a hard time playing 60 games a year. That will leave a maximum paid Wade to do his best impersonation of so many other 2s that were left without a good big man to help them

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