Monday, January 09, 2006

Ron "New" Mexico

Da Realist:

SHOULD marcus vick have been kicked off the team for speeding and driving w/o a license? i only ask because i visited v-tech this year and i told y'all how uncomfortable we felt there. i wonder if v-tech has less patience with black players or is this a legit reason to kick someone off the team.

Gangsta D:

It was an accumulation thing, not just the recent problems. He got suspended for his first game, was suspended all of last year, and his recent troubles; all this added up.

Da Realist:

makes sense. but let's not discount the fact that he was somewhat exposed this year. if he had the kind of career his brother had, do you think he would have been kicked off?


If Vick had taken them to a BCS bowl, he would have just gotten probation, 100 hrs of community service, and given a public apology to Lousville, the athletic department, Dumervil and Dumervi's family, etc....

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