Monday, January 09, 2006

Young Vince


So he made it the big question, where does he go?Unofficially, Houston has said that they will still take Reggie Bush andwill give Carr the extension.And how do you think he will do? I'm still not sold on the throwing motionbut he did slightly change my perception of him with his Rose bowlperformance.

Gangsta D:

Get used to that release, cause Mel thinks the Titans are taking Vince at #3. Steve may be done for in Titan Land.


Pasquerelli is saying Steve is leaning towards deferring his bonus and staying on. If that;s the case, then Vince will be mentored by his idol (just like Steve was mentored).

Da Realist:

they're good friends anyway. steve has been mentoring vince the last couple of summers.

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