Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Who You Wit?

Da Realist:

who ya got tonight?

Gangsta D:

'SC by 10.


Mandel failed to mention that Troy Smith wasnt the starter of that Ohio St-UT game (Justin Zwick was). He also failed to mention that Ohio St in 2003 had a tougher schedule than Texas in 2005. We can throw team defense rankings, stats, etc all over the place but bottomline, that 'SC offense is a beast. I say USC wins b/c I dont see UT holding Leinart, Bush, White and Co below 31 points (which I said is the benchmark for beating USC).

Da Realist:

stewart missed a lot of things. but the biggest was still one late flag away from winning the game anyway. i agree with d. sc by 10.

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