Monday, March 13, 2006

Beef Is When I See You...

Da Realist:
and you wonder why there are no more rivalries...

it's because of players like ray allen apologizing for something he said LAST YEAR. c'mon...

do you think isiah thomas ever apologized for leading a pistons walkout with 5.9 seconds left when chicago eliminated them in 91?

do you think michael jordan ever apologized for saying that playing reggie miller was akin to chicken fighting?

do you think scottie pippen ever apologized for calling charles barkley a fat slob who'll never win a title?

do you think nick van exel ever apologized for stating that san antonio would never win a title with avery johnson at the point?

ray allen was right with what he said. he just got scared when he realized kobe was gonna get at him on national tv. dude is soft...

Like I said B4, the best rivalry the league had was Shaq-Kobe, now they at least acknowledge one another. I miss the regular season days on Sunday when you had a big rivalry game on, like the Knicks-Bulls. Even though it was regular season, it felt like the playoffs cuz you knew both teams were gonna bring it.

I was watching part of the Cavs-Heat earlier and no such aura around the game. I read a few mins ago that Bron Bron dropped 47. But what does it matter if he's gonna hug and kiss D Wade after the game. I want more non peace dammit :-).
Da Realist:

i agree. you let your team lose a 15 point game and you are cool enough to kiss and hug the victor afterwards... (???)

what in the world happened to the nba? well, at least we got artest vs kobe on tuesday night. is that game on national tv?

Gangsta D:

Kobe vs Ron isn't a rivalry...yet. Could be, but it doesn't trip my trigger just yet.

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