Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Played...


Man, it doesnt even feel right that we have gone almost 5 days without dropping something about sports??

- What no comments on Kirby Puckett dying this week? Pretty tragic to me considering how his life started ! going downhill after he was hit by the fastball. I dont watch baseball but suprisingly i watched all of the Twins-Braves WS back in '91, mainly cuz of him and Terry Pendleton. Weird

- No comments on the pending book about Bonds and steroids?

- No comments on the Clippers coming on strong in the 2nd half of the NBA season? And also solidifying their claim as the best pro NBA team in LA this year? (No realist this is not a misprint from a Lakers fan :-)

- No comments on Vargas-Mosely?

- No comments on the World Series of Base - er what I am saying, who cares about that?

- No comments on early March Madness predictions?

Anyways, let's get the Sports Reporters via email going again

Gangsta D:

Kirby was a great player, but he was a wild boy. Using a chainsaw to cut through the bathroom door? That's some Debo type ish right there.

Don't mistreat your mistress. Barry should've known better.

The Clips are the LA team that's PLAYING the best right now. They're not the best team in LA. You need to learn how to parse statements Waldo.

Boxing is deader than Dillinger.

Too early for predictions. But UConn is beasting and they're not even playing that well as of late.

Da Realist:

i feel bad for kirby. my man got CRUCIFIED when it came out he had a few mistresses. rich, popular, athletic star traveling the country for most of the year without his family...what do you expect? and yeah, there were those accusations of physical abuse... ??? i don't know. but now all of a sudden he's an angel. maybe death is the best way to polish your image.

what's this about the clippers and lakers? didn't i tell y'all it's 1990 again? last night mike dropped 47 on the pistons to pull within 2 games to 1. game 4 is tomorrow night.

Gangsta D:

Is Pippen playing or is he still out with the migraines?

Da Realist:

are you trying to get a rise out of me, agent kujan?

Gangsta D:

You're right Verbal. I am smarter than you. One way or the other, you're gonna tell me what I wanna know!


Hilarious :-). Long live Kaiser Soze

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