Thursday, April 20, 2006

Playoffs Baby!!

Gangsta D:

I know Realist could care less, but the NBA playoffs is upon us. In the immortal words of Kornheiser, "Who ya got!!"

Spurs vs Queens = Spurs
Suns vs Lakeshow = Lakeshow (what a surprise)
Nuggets vs Clips = Clips
Mavs vs Grizz = Mavs
Pistons vs Bucks = Daytrois
Heat vs Bulls = Heat
Nets vs Pacers = Nets
Cavs vs Wiz = Wiz


Spurs-Kings - Spurs
Suns-Lakers - Lakers
Nuggets-Clippers - Nuggets
Mavs-Grizzlies - Mavs
Pistons-Bucks - Pistons
Heat-Bulls - Heat
Nets-Pacers - Nets
Cavs-Wizards - Cavs

Gangsta and I only differ on two series but we agree on the most important one (Lakers over Suns). Realist should care b/c his team is in there too. And from what i saw this season the Bulls gave the Heat problems (even at full strength) in the regular season

Da Realist:

OMG you are so right. maybe, just maybe i'll treat the fam to a playoff game when the cavs are in town. maybe. otherwise, i really don't care. except to see y'all lose. ;-) although, i'm not so sure phoenix can pull it off. not because i think y'all are that good, but i think phoenix (and most of the nba) is overrated. we'll see...

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