Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Gangsta D:

1. Nash
2. Kobe
3. 'Bron 'Bron
4. Wade
5. Chauncey
6. Nowitzky
7. Matrix

In the words of Kornheiser, "Who you got?"


1. Nash - b/c he turned Diaw from bust to most improved player.
2. Kobe - That team is filled with players no one wants and he's about to
put them into the playoffs (in a strong conference at)
3. Dirk Diggler - He's made huge strides as a leader this year. He's even
trying to play some D
4. Matrix - Look at the numbers, do the math
5. Wade - Carried his team despite Big Fella's health issues
6. Billups - Loses spots b/c his starting teammates are that good
7. Bron - I cant elevate him for turning it on in the last month but I
suspect he will be in the top 3 next year

Da Realist:

now y'all know i don't care nothing about the mvp now that my childhood players are all retired :-) did you just put nowitzky on here? the day he wins the mvp is the day i stop watching the game. and matrix? i mean he's a good player and all but he's not even the leader of his team.

ok, i see i'm being all negative again. (sigh) i really have no idea. bron-bron and wade both played good games on saturday, but neither of them play any defense. nash, kobe, chauncey... i don't know... i guess kobe (aaaach spit!).

Gangsta D:

You probably pulled more muscles proclaiming Kobe the MVP than you did running 10 miles...

Da Realist:


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