Thursday, June 01, 2006


Gangsta D:

This is for our resident Razorback. Where do you stand?

Da Realist:

totally agree with this. nolan has 3 final fours, 2 title games and 1 championship under his belt. to understand how impressive that is, you must understand that fayetteville is a small town tucked deep in the hillbilly mountains of northwest arkansas with its population over 95% white. he took over for eddie sutton and made the team BETTER. the best players he ever had was corliss williamson, todd day and oliver miller, yet he sustained a level of excellence from the late 80's until i graduated from morehouse. he even beat a grant hill-led duke team in the finals in '94.

anyone else with those credentials would have a statue of himself outside of the arena, but we all knew nolan wasn't appreciated even when he was winning. put it this way... if nolan was a white man, he'd be roy williams...except roy had to go to carolina to win his title. if he was a white man, he'd be charging speaking fees to address corporations about
"motivational strategy", instead he's coaching in the backwoods of south america for some FIBA tournament no one cares about.

and i hate to say this about the new coach, but arkansas only hired him to make it look good about firing nolan richardson. and how IS that working out by the way? now, no one even cares about the hogs. when i was growing up, there were two things that made us arkansans proud -- bill clinton and the arkansas razorbacks.


Amen brotha Amen....

Dont you love that breakdown of Houston Nutt and Mike Tice?

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