Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Where's Dr. Detroit?

Da Realist:

did last night prove miami is a threat or just an anomaly? i think detroit's a better team but they seem to think they can just turn it on and turn it off like a faucet. they gave that game away last night. wade was in foul trouble all night, shaq didn't dominate and udonis haslem scored 0 points.

something strange may happen like rasheed wallace tearing a hamstring or chauncey billups spraining his ankle right when they think they can come back from a 3-2 deficit. look at '88 -- i know y'all don't want to revisit this, but if isiah thomas doesn't sprain his ankle in game 6, do the lakers win that series? i'm not hating, i was going for the lakers back then, but
i'm just trying to illustrate that strange things can enable the lesser team to win a playoff series if they get close enough.

who's gonna win the western conference finals?


The Pistons just couldnt hit shots. They had great looks all night but they didnt capitalize at all. Maybe Flip should have ran plays to start having these guys take it to the hole instead of settling for jumpers. I mean you said it below, the Pistons had opportunities and blew it.

Gimme Dallas in 7 over Phx.

Gangsta D:

Can someone explain to me why Sheed doesn't spend more time in the low post? Who on the Heat can guard him? He's athletic, long, and tough with a nice touch. Yet he's always on the perimeter shooting threes. It's the same thing that happened in Portland. Horry couldn't guard Sheed down low, but he always settled for the outside shot. Just don't get it. I have the feeling the Li'l Flip is gonna cost the Pistons the series.

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