Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ahh Yeah, Fresh Meat


Five good reasons you should watch Sage Steele on Sportscenter

1. She's black
2. She's only the 2nd black woman since Robin Roberts to be on there
3. She's articulate OR she speaks so well, she's so well spoken
4. She's decent eye candy
5. She has a stripper/porn movie sounding type name (SAGE STEELE). Think about it....

Gangsta D:

So that's her name. I saw like three seconds of her before they went to commercial break and almost pissed in my pants. Black chick?!? Might be cute?!? No doubt. I still think Cindy Brunson is tight. A little thin, but cute. Oh yeah, Sage Steele may be the best name for a chick ever...

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