Monday, March 19, 2007

The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World...

Gangsta D:


  • Anthony Grant (VCU's coach) is Keith Murray's brother. No one will convince me otherwise. Only thing is, Anthony has bought AND used chapstick in his life.
  • Tubby Smith will get fired. I think he's a good coach, but he just can't recruit athletes like Pittino. No one on Kentucky's squad scares you. They used to have 2-3 great shooters, 2-3 great perimeter players, and a strong presence in the middle. And that was on the same team. I don't think UK has had those players in the last four years combined.
  • Duke fans should look at Kentucky and realize this is them in two years, if not sooner.
  • Kevin Durant is the truth. Rick Barnes wasted him. Watching the Horns play is like watching the Lakers and going, "OK, are they gonna give Kobe the ball?" I'm just saying, if you have the best player in the country, maybe you should get him the ball more often. Instead, Augustin pounds the ball for 30 seconds then either drives recklessly to the hoop or passes to A.J. Abrams who takes a contested three. Don't think Mr. Durant will have that problem next year.
  • I'm new to the Gus Johnson bandwagon, but dude is ENTERTAINING. His call last year for the UCLA-'Zags game is so over the top, so egregious, so melodramatic, it's perfect. I just hate that he won't be doing any games this weekend.
  • Because James Brown is doing them. I have nothing but respect for JB...when it comes to football. Announcing games...I think Terry Bradshaw wouldv'e done a better job. JB was rich...not smooth.
  • Billy Packer sucks...but you already knew that.
  • Jay Bilas for some reason thought it was necessary to do a Raft impersonation. I was not amused.
  • My brackets are screwed, but at least UCLA and G'Town are alive. I hope UCLA learns how to shoot between now and this weekend. A 20-13 halftime score is cool for a bowl game, not a tournament game.
  • How come no one calls Patrick Ewing, J.R. Ewing? It's a PERFECT nickname. Have we forgotten the 80's that quickly?

Comments, questions, concerns?


  • Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery need to be CBS #1 announcing team. I was hooked a few yrs ago when Oregon had the Big 3 of Fred Jones, Luke Ridnour, and Luke Jackson. When they scored on a fast break, I just remember Raft screaming "The Ducks are flying Verne, oh my!" Classic....
  • They didnt show the USC-TExas game (UK-Kan was on) but I saw the score. Wow, I had UT doing big things but oh well...
  • Man, Ohio St almost singlehandley destroyed my brackets
  • Tell me you had Tenn advancing this far :-)
  • Tubby shouldnt be fired. He's gotten UK in the tournament every year. For all the greatness Pitino brough to UK, he won 1 title as their coach. Yea, I know folks say Smith won a title with Pitino's recruits but that team still had no business winning it all (Jeff Sheppard was the tourney MVP).
FYI, that is a good nickname

Gangsta D:

The USC-Texas game was excrutiating, at least the ten mins or so I saw in the first half. DJ Augustin will be very good, but he dribbles the ball too much. I kept saying, OK on THIS trip they're gonna post up Durant and run the offense through him. Maybe they tried in the second half, but SC was up but 17 so i didn't go back and check.

Oden almost messed up a LOT of brackets. Could've been an intentional. Yet and still, if xavier hits their free throws they probably win so you can't put that one of the refs.

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