Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's About This U...Pricks!

Da Realist:

Sounds like you got the right man . Can't believe it took this long for them to recognize him

Gangsta D:

His entire philosphy is competition. Making players uneasy about their spot. If you don't feel secure in your position, you're gonna work harder to impress the coaches. Apparently, that was missing under Coker. THAT above anything else is what made Miami great in the past. Upperclassmen pushing underclassmen to be better than them and take their spot. I think we'll be disciplined and better conditioned, but I still don't know about the offense. We got players at the skill position, but it all depends on who the trigger man is. Kyle has no pocket presence but a premiere arm. Kirby can make big plays but makes them for the other team too. We shall see though.


First, I'm happy that 'the u' had the guts to hire a black coach. Second, he's saying all the right things right now and for your sake gangsta I hope that translates into Ws on the field. I think the real key will be how good of a recruiter he is. Butch davis was an excellent recruiter. Coker was okay but not great.

Gangsta D:

I think he will be fine in recruiting. He went after speed this year. We got the 100m champion in texas and miss. Hopefully that translates to the field, but what we've lacked is game breakers. for some reason, Coker recruited 230-240 pound running backs. I guess cause he coached in the Big 10 and Big 12. But that's not Miami football. We haven't had a game breaking back in 4 years. We got speed now, just hope Patrick Nix knows how to use it.

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