Wednesday, March 21, 2007

OJ Did It! No Really, He Did...

Gangsta D:

This dude may become my favorite college player next year. At least the most entertaining. Can you imagine his press conferences? He must be Apollo Creed's illigetimate son. The balls on this dude are ridiculous. He represents "everything that's wrong with basketball." And i love it. There's room for this guy and for players the exact opposite of him. I don't want everybody to be like Tim Duncan. We need personalities and the more people off the hook the better.


He would have gone to an HBCU if he didnt go to USC?!??! "Starting at Center for the Morehouse Tigers, OOOOHHHHHH-JAaAAAAAAYYYYYYY MAAAAAAYYYY-OOOOOOHHHHHH"

Gangsta D:

Um, methinks not. But imagine if he did. I wonder what it would be like if the #1 recruit went to an HBCU. That would be crazy. Talk about big fish in a little pond.