Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Burn Hollywood Burn - 20 Questions Edition

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Gangsta D:

Do the Lakers need a new head coach? Are they tuning out Phil? Can he coach a young team? Who's fault is it that since going 30-19, they are 10-19? Is it Kobe? Injuries? Why are they incapable of playing defense? Why is Smush still on the active roster? Why don't they huslte anymore? Can Kobe lead this team? If he's the best, why does his team suck? Will they make the playoffs? If they make the playoffs, will they get demolished? Why am I surprised when they win? Why do I have a severe hate for this time right now? If that's the case, why do I still hold out hope for a turnaround? Should they consider trading Lamar, Farmar, Kwame, or Drew? How long can Jerry Buss deal with mediocrity? What offseason moves can be made? What happened to my team?

Da Realist:

this is a trap. i won't go near this one.

Gangsta D:

It's not a trap. It's real. I have no idea why we suck now. It doesn't make sense that we could beat the Spurs (twice), Dallas, Phoenix, Utah, and Houston before January, but now we suck ass.

Da Realist:

ok. i'll give my point of view. lamar odom is too timid. he should be much more of a force than he is. i think he would be a really good third option on a team, not the second. if he's your second best player, your team is mediocre.

kobe can do everything on the court, but the sum of these parts don't really equal the whole. he's not that good at game-management. he's too hot and cold, and i'm not just talking about his shooting percentages. he likes to be a hero and will go on long stretches of relative inactivity before exploding late in the 4th to save the team from another loss. sometimes this works, most times it doesn't. i remember pippen said (while he was still with portland) that kobe should concentrate more on 8,8,8,8 than 2,4,12,15...in other words, be more of a consistent force to even out all the highs and lows.

i think phil writing that book was the worst thing he's done because he compromised himself. it's like you leave your wife, humilate her in the streets, fall on your face and are forced to move back in. you're not the same man you were when you left. it's HER house now. i think phil is doing more compromising than kobe. i'm not saying kobe doesn't listen, but it's more kobe's team than phil's. i've never seen this many S/R's and iso's on a phil jackson coached team. it's like the lakers aren't even TRYING to run the triangle. and they play no defense.

you can't convince me that the lakers shouldn't have at least the 4th best record in the western conference -- based on the fact that kobe is the most talented players in the league with 11 years under his belt and they're coached by the GOAT. most teams in the nba suck except for 5 or 6. did you know that '94 bulls team won 55 games without michael? defense, intangibles, fluid offense, hustle...almost got them to the finals. ok, SHOULD have gotten them to the finals. go back and see which team is more talented, 94 bulls or today's lakers. i say it's pretty comparable.

with that being said, i still think the lakers are dangerous in the playoffs and could conceivably beat phoenix if they can get a few bounces here and there.

Gangsta D:

Agree with 1st and 4th points. Not totally buying 3rd point. Definitely not buying 2nd point. Lamar should be way more aggressive. When Kobe has 26, he has 20, and Luke has 12-15, that means the ball is moving and everyone is getting involved. He's the trigger. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. Before he got hurt the first time he was averaging 19/9/6. That's All-Star caliber. Since then, I don't know what.

I really hope Farmar is ready to start next year. I just get tired of seeing PGs blow past Smush and create three point plays for their team.


First, D I didnt get your text til yesterday afternoon but it didnt matter, you already knew the outcome by Sun nightfall,

Second, I dont now wtf is wrong with LA. It's frustrating to watch them play. Injuries is one thing but dayum losing to the Bobcats, Grizzlies, Sonics, etc is straight up ridiculous. What nobody (well except Realist) was saying throughout Kobe's 50 plus scoring barrage was that they were squeaking by mediocre teams. That wont get it down in the playoffs.

Right now, LA is looking at playing Phx again in the first round. Diff btw last yr and this yr is that LA came into the 06 playoffs on a roll. They are literally limping in right now and looking like they go out in 4 games. Which means of course they will blow up the team :-)

Frustrated Laker fan

PS Smush shut da eff up and play

Gangsta D:

I can't see them totally blowing up the team. They're already one of the youngest teams in the league. Maybe trading a few parts. Maybe Bynum/Odum for KG. I never thought I'd advocate that, but the current situation isn't working so something's got to change.

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