Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who you got Wilbon?!?!?

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scoop jackson's point

The MVP race came down to two games: on April 1, when the Suns beat the Mavs 126-104 (Nash had 23 points and 11 assists) and Sunday (Nash had 25 points and 11 assists, including 11 points in the fourth quarter). And even though the Suns won both games, the contest inside both games was judging Nash against the two players who were in position to "knock the champ out and take his belt," Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant. With Nash outplaying Dirk in that rout (and in Phoenix's classic March 14 double-OT win as well) and the Suns winning in Los Angeles as Kobe failed to have his eighth 40-plus game in a month, Nash locked up the MVP vote and secured his place as one of the greatest players of this generation.

jamele hill's point

Dirk's numbers certainly justify him being MVP. He's shooting 50 percent from the field, averaging 24.7 a game, nine rebounds and a career-high 3.4 assists. These aren't the best numbers of Dirk's career, but Dallas was the most dominant team of the regular season and Dirk contributed greatly to the Mavs' success.


By default I say Dirk. I stick to my guns that I cant continue to award MVP to a person that doesnt even make the Finals. I dont care what Jemele says, you need to have them in the Finals at least once. WHat makes it hard for me to easily dismiss Nash is that this is his best yr in his 2nd go round with the Suns.

On a side note, why isnt anyone saying anything about Duncan Donuts? The Spurs have the best record in the league since the All-Star break and they embarrassed the Suns last week.

Da Realist:

i can't buy the "haven't been to the finals" argument because this is a regular season award. it is completely based on regular season. but even if you go by that, there's still too much ambiguity to it. i guess the nba needs something to "validate" the regular season, so this is it.

you can't have a regular season award that emcompasses 5 different positions. how can you compare steve nash to kobe bryant to tim duncan when they play totally different positions?

the only thing that really matters is championships. the only subjective award i care about is "finals mvp" because it narrows the field and it's for all the marbles.


With all that said, who do you have for MVP :-)?

And I dont believe it's completely based on the entire regular season anymore. I think it's based on a few regular season marquee games. When the Suns beat the Mavs in that "instant classic" a few weeks ago, a few of the media said Nash wrapped up the award. But when the Suns lost to San Antonio last week, it became, well maybe it's Tim Duncan. Fast forward to Sun, the SUns beat LA and now it's back to Steve has sewn up the awards. I agree with you on the subjectivity which is why it's frustrating for me to watch the MVP award. For any sport, it's completely opinion based and what have you done for me lately not what did you do the entire time? Same s*** happened to me in sales school last year :-)

Da Realist:

i'll go with steve nash over dirk and kobe. i can't really argue against dirk, so if you want to go with him i won't stop you. i think he's a little soft, but again, this is a regular season award.

i don't think you have to be the best on the best team to win, so i don't discredit kobe for that. i think as long as your team is competitive, you should get consideration. with that being said, the lakers have lost too many games to scrub teams this year for him to win it.

i know this means 3 straight for steve, but keep in mind this is a different nba. it's a huge accomplishment, but let's hold off comparing him to larry bird.


When did Steve Nash become tough? I dont disagree with Dirk being called soft but does that mean Stevie is gritty. As Stone Cold used to say OH HELL NOOO

Da Realist:

steve's got a little grittiness to him. he's no isiah and he's no john stockton, but he'll come through for the win.

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