Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Going To The 6th Floor And Dropping You Off At The 5th

Waldini tried to pull my card and see if I could find the following videos. Well I got them punk! Whatcha got to say 'bout that!

Shaq bitch slaps David Robinson. I've got no love loss for Shaq, but this is filthy:

Chris Webber becomes Barkley's hero:

It's OK Ben. Kobe's dunked on EVERYONE:

Eddie Jones is but one of the many who have abused Shawn Bradley:

Pau Gasol teaches KG how to say "Open wide" in Spanish:

KG meet Boom Dizzle:

Amare makes the Kandi man hold onto his pants pocket:


Country Grammar said...

Damn. How many Omegas were in the joint barking at Shaq?

I wonder if my Groove frat ever rolled like that for Earl Munroe?

Gangsta D said...

Yeah I thought that was crazy too. I keep forgetting that Jordan is a Que:)