Thursday, April 26, 2007

How Did We Miss These?


- Nadal beating Federer AGAIN on clay (Monte Carlo Finals). WHo thinks Rog overcomes this and wins the French?

- The NBA's coaching carousel going on...Carlisle, Musselman, and Hill all served their walking papers in the past 72 hrs

- Tony Stewart "speaking" his mind about the current state of NASCAR (cartoonish, pro wrestling come to mind). Personally, that;s the only reason I even started paying attention to NASCAR cuz it seemed like after every race, cats were duking it out

- the NY Rangers hockey player basically saying he was gonna lay out someone on the Sabres squad Non Sports topics

- McCain officially announcing his candidacy. Despite my disdain for the majority of the candidates, this is turning into one of the biggest turnouts ala drafts for presidency. Guiliani, McCain, Obama, Clinton all have thrown their names in....summer 2007 is gonna be huge

- Alec Baldwin asking out of his NBC contract (rumors right now). If it's true, it would certainly mean 30 Rock is a goner midway next season Sorry a lot is really going on

Gangsta D:

Nadal owns Federer on clay. Just no getting around it. Dude has found his kryptonite. Apparently he's human after all.

I can't believe Bird fired his boy. Carlisle is a decent coach, but his teams historically underachieve in the playoffs. And for the past couple of years, they've been mediocre. I'm sure everyone wants to blame it on Artest, but he's been gone for a year and a half and they still suck. I wonder how many college coaches will get a look.

Baldwin CANNOT leave 30 Rock!

Da Realist:

i still wouldn't be surprised if federer wins the french. stranger things have happened. this might have reduced some of the pressure because NOBODY thinks he has a chance.

i was surprised carlisle got axed too.

Gangsta D:

I'm surprised Bird fired him, but I'm not surprised he got fired. It's funny how much criticsm he'd escaped in the past couple of years. Even after getting rid of their malcontents, they still tanked. So do you think Larry Brown will come back, or is he headed to memphis?


I think he should stay away...If I'm the grizz, i dont want him b/c you know he's gonna bail in 3 yrs max if the team does well and 2 yrs if they do worse. And if they're doing bad, then the Ripper will revert to form and criticize everyone for lack of work ethic and coachability. Yo LB stick to producin!

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