Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm The Most Dominant Ever....To Be Traded To The Suns?

Gangsta D:

If you're an NBA MG, would you trade for Shaq this offseason?

Da Realist:

slice. add salt. repeat.

leave the man alone. remember -- he still has one-up on your boy kob.

to answer your i would make him focus solely on rebounding like an old moses malone when he played for the hawks. he can still be effective without such a scoring load. it's the OTHERS that need to be dealt with.

Gangsta D:

OK, here are the Heat's problem children:

Zo is 37 (needs to retire)
Payton is 39 (wayy past prime)
Toine is 30 (past prime)
EJ is 36 (sort of serviceable)
Doleac is 30 (hurt but serviceable)
J-Will is 31 (past prime)
Shaq is 35 (still serviceable)

Here are their not so problem children:

Simien (maybe)

Out of there "problem" children, who do you think will command the better prospects in a trade? Maybe they get better through free agency, but are there worthwhile players this year?

Obviously, I'd love to see Shaq traded again. If nothing else, i can go back to liking Wade:)

Da Realist:

you can't trade shaq after he helped bring in the title there. everyone else, except wade, is tradeable.

poor eddie jones. he either leaves a year too early or get there a year too late.

Gangsta D:

I hear you. I'm just saying what can you get for the rest of the guys? It's gonna be interesting to see how many teams are blown up this summer.

Da Realist:

no doubt pat the gm has his work cut out for him. but it ain't like we didn't see this coming. miami's win last year was a fluke. they got hot and detroit and dallas. good for them, but they were not a dynasty. no one thought they were. maybe even the weakest champions ever. if pat the gm was smart, he would have started over after last year.


Jdubb said...

I would trade for him but Miami would be crazy to do so.
No matter what, Shaq brought a championship to South Beach and he still a presence, although the light is dimming, on the floor.
Shaq needs to get in shape.
I could see Dallas making a pitch for him...ok, maybe not but you never know with Cuban

Gangsta D said...

"Shaq needs to get in shape."

Um, good luck with that:) Shaq is still serviceable. He's just able to dominate entire games. If I'm Riley, I'd be open to offers. He may not pull the trigger, but he'd be stupid not to listen.