Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's Great To Be A Floriduh Gaytor!!

Gangsta D:

Greg Oden's legit.

Where the @%#$ was Conley and Lewis?

2-18 from three at one point?

Joakim Noah makes me want to drink alcohol....rubbing alcohol.

Corey Brewer is the only one I respect...cause he wears a headband.

Anytime you wanna run an actual offense Thad. Anytime will do....

%$%@ Lee Humphrey for trying to be Anderson Hunt.

@#&$ the Buckeyes for making me endure these obnoxious Gator fans for another year.

@#$% Yannick Noah for banging a Swedish model.

@#$% Sidney Green and Tito Horford for not being gay.



Dang dude, that's some straight up Silky Johnson-So Called Beautiful hate right there. At least you didnt accuse Pat Summit of wearing underwear with dick holes in them :-0

I watched this game and thought the following:

- Horford, Brewer, and Oden are ready to go pro. Everyone else who is thinking about it is not.

- Anyone else notice how Jim Nantz look perplexed when he asked Noah about winning it twice after the game ended, and was confused by Noah's response "We gon do it BIG tonight and if you dont know what that means, dont worry, my Gator Boys do"

- Old Man Oden looks like he should be my dad fo real

- Who thinks Billy D isnt headed to UK now?

Gangsta D:

Come on, everyone knows Pat Summit wears underwear with dick holes in them...

Noah is gonna sucker some team into drafting him in the top 5. he is not, I repeat is NOT, a top 5 player. He has no offensive game and isn't that great of an athlete. Tyrus Thomas went high cause his athleticsm is off the charts, watch his dunk on Josh Smith from this weekend. He's a good hustle player who is a good on the ball defender and good passer. He is too small to bang against big bodies in the NBA and he has no perimeter game. he wil be a good supporting player. He doesn't suck, but Horford and Brewer should go before him.

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