Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Recognize The Nasty Man....Pricks

Da Realist:

interesting off-subject article for today...

"It's all on Teddy," he said. "Me and Damion will do whatever. We don't have the control problem. Teddy is a genius in the studio, but you can't control something unless you're better. You can't tell the fans you're the leader of Guy and go onstage without me. See what they'll say. See what the reporters say. Sing all the songs yourself. I can sing all the songs by myself, but I don't. He can't sing 'Let's Chill,' 'Goodbye Love,' 'Piece of My Love,' nothing. I can sing 'I Like' a cappella, and the audience will go crazy."


I miss you was my joint ("Shooow me those pretty eeeyes, please baaaybbeee dont you crrryyy wohhh ooohhh, I miss you, wooohh ohhhh...")

Did you guys every peep Guy III? I remember when it dropped and I was like man, Guy has really fallen off. I dont know if Teddy's the problem but Hall is the latest from the Guy/Blackstreet mold to discuss Riley's difficutly as a person to work it.

Dang Velez was that young when he tapped?

Gangsta D:

Would they even make a dent if they released an album now? Will kids who were conceived to "Let's Chill" really appreciate a new Guy album? Are there enough cats our age willing to cop it? He is right about not getting his props though. Umm yeah, Mr. Kelly I'm talking to you:)

Da Realist:

whoa, whoa, whoa... the only think r. kelly got from aaron hall was the bald head and cane look for his 12 play album. there is a reason kels is still dropping hits while no one even remember who aaron hall is.

Gangsta D:

Listen to R. Kelly's FIRST album, with Public Announcement. If you can tell a discernible difference between R and Aaron, I'll buy Amber the world's biggest Teddy Bear.

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