Monday, April 16, 2007

Jordan, Starks, and Pip's Nuts in Ewing's Mouth

John Boy:

His Airness

Da Realist:

ok. real talk. putting all biases aside, which is the most impressive dunk? and why? take everything into account.

you already know where I stand. ive been watching jordan a long time and even I forgot how explosive he was. But I can see someone liking starks too. what do
you think?

Gangsta D:

Thought about it. Can't pick.

Starks dunk meant more because it moved the Knicks into a 2-0 series lead. i have no idea when Jordan's dunk took place in the context of the game. Starks gets credit for going left hand. Jordan gets credit for the spin. Jordan dunked directly on Ewing. Both Grant and jordan were indirectly dunked on. That's honest, cause you know I have NO problem criticizing Jordan:)

Da Realist:

that's fair. jordan's dunk happened in 1991 -- game 3 of the first round when chicago was already up 2 game to none.

jordan's spin was nice, but it was the explosiveness that i like. he basically comes off a stand-still and jumps up and throws it down on 7-1 ewing.

starks dunk meant more. and jordan was involved. and it was left-handed. but he had a running start.

that's just my opinion.


I say Starks b/c it gave me more goosebumps when I watch it. From when he crossed up BJ to him coming down from the right but dunking with his left and the frenzy it sent the crowd and announcers into, classic.

On a side note, I take KJ's dunk over Dream in the 94 playoffs over both of the ones mentioned. Anytime a lil guy goes baseline like that over a premier defender/future HOF, you take notice. And throw in KJ flexing after the fact. It will always be one of my favorite dunks

And on another side note, Realist, what about Scottie's dunk over Patrick in the 94 playoffs. I love that one b/c I was pulling for the Bulls to win since everyone was on the Knicks bandwagon. The part I loved was him standing over Patrick for a few seconds with a stare that said, yea I got you tric. Love it.

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