Friday, May 04, 2007

C'mon Jake. It's Oakland...

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Gangsta D:

OK, I was wrong. I thought the Mavs would take control of the series after almost blowing it in Game 5. I didn't respect the power of the beard. I should've known better. But the Mavs should've played better. How do you get served by 25 in Game 6 by the #8 seed? That MVP press conference is gonna be REAL interesting now. How can Stern say that Dirk is the best in the NBA this year when he scored 8 points in an elimination game? What is Dirk gonna say? If he had any balls, he'd refuse the award. I would have more respect for him.

Of course, you do realize the Warriors are going to the conference finals? Unless B-Diddy stays hurt, I can't see either Houston or Utah beating them. A Warriors/Suns final might break the scoreboard. Absolutely NO defense would be played, and at least 4 players would average 30/game. Crazy....

Da Realist:

i agree with D. (read that again ;-)

i would have more respect for him if he refused it.

Gangsta D:

What if the Warriors got to the Finals? Didn't they win it 30 or so years ago? If they won, would that be the biggest story of the last 5 years?

Da Realist:

no way they're getting to the finals. how? with stephen jackson knocking down 7 threes every game? no way. they'll lose to either the suns or the spurs.


I echo Realist's comments a few days on drinking the Warrior Kool-Aid. First team to ever win 67 games and lose in the first round. First 1 seed in the new 1st rd 7 game format to lose to an 8 seed. Home court advantage throughout the playoffs...Gone. I watched the first half and the only Mavs' players who played with any urgency was Stackhouse and Howard.

Dirk basically pulled a Malone. Although no one was whispering in his ear "the Mailman doesnt deliver on Sundays"

Da Realist:

to compare dirk to karl malone is doing karl a disservice. the mailman wasn't "clutch" but he couldn't have been THIS bad in clutch situations, could he? he didn't do too well against us except for a couple of games, but he couldn't have been this bad. i'll have to review the dvds...


You'll need to review more than just your Bulls tapes amigo. This goes back to the early 90s, while in his prime, his teams routinely flamed out (see '95 1st rd exit vs Hou, 60 win team, lose in 5, Malone chokes BIG time in game 5). It wasnt until the Sonics and Rockets either got older or broken up when the Jazz finally broke through.

Mailman is a great player. So is Dirk. I just wouldnt have them on the floor if the game's on the line.

Da Realist:

i just can't put dirk on karl's level. i just can't.


ok in terms of ability, Mailman is superior. I am only comparing their playoff that fair?

Gangsta D:

It's more than fair. I still can't believe he only got 8 points. That's crazy...

Da Realist:

it ain't just that he scored only 8 points. his team QUIT last night. you can't say malone quit at any point.


Anonymous said...

wow could you stop with the "no defense is being played" garbage? Have you even been watching the series? The only team not playing defense here was the Mavs.

And the Suns aren't so shabby on defense either; lots of talk about Marion being a legit DPOY candidate, as well as well-established stalwarts like Raja Bell.

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