Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Steve Nash Is So Gangsta...You Know The Rest.

Gangsta D:

Why is Steve Nash untouchable. This dude never gets criticized. He's the only player I can think of, granted it's early in the morning, that gets all the credit but none of the blame. There was a question on PTI on why he never gets criticized, like other MVP candidates, for his team's failures. Of course, Wilbon and Kornheiser made up excuses. Last year Amare was hurt so they were shorthanded. Nevermind the fact that they held the #2 seed in the west without him. Then the refs stole game 5 from them, never mind that there was no gaurantee they would've won that game. Never mind that they lost game 1 at home WITH Amare, or that they led game 5 practically the whole game and only lost by 3.

I've actually grown to like Nash, mainly because he can be funny in interviews. But he deserves criticism for not making the Finals. His teams always come up short, but it's never his fault. When the Suns win 65 games it's all because of Nash, but when they lose it's because of mitigating circumstances.


Do you really need to know why he doesnt get criticized :-)?

Before I go into rant mode, I will say this. Steve Nash is the best PG in the league today. He's turned That's Amare into a first team All NBAer and the Matrix into a consistent All-Star. Heck he got Boris Diaw most improved last year and mentored The Brazillian Blur into 6th man this year. Would any of these guys be where they are at without him? Of course not

Not with all that said, he ALWAYS get a past for his team's failures. He's been MVP twice, almost a 3rd this year, and what do they have to show for it. Two trips to the conf finals and not one of the series his team was eliminated in went 7 games. And the way it stands now, they have one more year 2gether and they're breaking that team up (luxury tax issues). So what will his legacy be at that point, making the regular season fun to watch and his postseason games at least halfway interesting. Wow, blow me down.

I said this before, it drives me crazy b/c his numbers are the same as Zeke's, KJ, Mark Price, Hardaway, and Stockton from the late 80s and early 90s. How many MVP's did they win? Zilch. How many titles did this group win? 2. How many finals appearances did these guys appear in? 6. Realist is right. He said it last year and I didnt want to believe him but I was wrong. The league is watered down and they reward people for short term success and not enough for long term. Dirk is your MVP and Nash is 2nd in running. And where are they now?

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