Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nancy's Background

Da Realist:

Now I remember her.

Gangsta D:

This might get me sent to Hell, but she was married to Kevin Sullivan and survived? If this happened 20 years ago, I wouldn't have batted an eyelash. Kevin Sullivan was...dark.

Da Realist:

yeah, somehow his character didn't seem like much of a character.

i'm new to the wwf, but when you make refereces to the old wcw i'll know who you're talking about. i REMEMBER when they took the "ugly" woman from the stands and remade her. i remember DOOM and all that. i remember missy hyatt. and now i know who chris benoit's wife was.


yea you guys dont remember this? they turned that angle into a real story b/c Benoit took Woman from Sullivan in real life. In fact, they said in their matches after this, they actually were hitting each other for real a few times b/c of their real animosity....

Da Realist:

i think you were the only one still watching then... ;-)

i don't remember that angle AT ALL. i didn't even know kevin sullivan was still fighting. i watched from 4th grade through 7th grade. picked it up again in '97 because all my boys kept talking about the NWO. lost interest when the NWO split into 2 factions. was lured over to WWF because everyone kept talking about The Rock. once he left, i left.

by the way, i now see why The Rock is making movies.

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