Friday, June 15, 2007

Old School Friday - Junior Year Pricks!

Junior Year. Oh the memories. A great year, but rather strange. I was more broke than usual, but I had fun from August to May. Everything being equal, it was probably the most fun year of college. The crazy thing is, I didn't even start drinking until senior year.

My favorite memory was the night my boy and I shot a short movie. We were out all night, and I didn't get in until about four. The next day I had four mid term exams. I got a 100, 99, 96, and 92. After that, you really couldn't tell me shit:) Anyway, on with the videos.

Li'l Kim - Crush On You

Do you remember when Li'l Kim looked like an actual human being instead of the space monkey she's turned herself into? I must've heard this song 100 times during Freaknik. At this point in time, Freaknik sucked. But at least Kim and Cease kept my head nodding...when it wasn't knee deep in strippers. My mama's not reading this is she?

Biggie - Mo Money Mo Problems

Bad Boy in it's heyday! Shiny suits, explosions, and Hype's damn fisheye lenses. I never EVER bumped this in my room, or in the car, but when this played at the club you had to get on the dance floor. It was the club song's club song. I hope Biggie has Wi-Fi access in Barbados, so he can see this tribute.

Pac - I Ain't Mad Atcha

Kind of prophetic huh? Unfortunately, a great video almost derailed by Bokeem Woodbine's signature scenery devouring. Hopefully Pac is able to get broadband in Bermuda, so he can see this tribute.

TRU - Somebody's Watching Me

"Put the gat to his head and said Interstate 10. Play it off, play it off." People don't realize or remember how much P RULED rap in the mid-90's. "Break 'Em Off Something" is the all-time greatest club song. This video kills me because of Mo-B-Dick's gold teeth, gold chains, and Versace shirt. God I miss them days.

Westside Connection - Bow Down

"The gauge is racked." Straight up. I'm c-walking as I type this. You know how hard it is to do that? Doesn't matter, cause when I hear this song I just gotta get up on the good foot. Seriously, I must've listened to this album every day for three months straight. If my neighbors weren't constantly smoked out, they probably would've complained.

Tracey Lee - The Theme

Howard's finest up in this piece! But on the for real, this was the party jam to end all party jams. This was one of those tracks, where you didn't mind the DJ spinning more than once. But unfortunately, this was as good as it got for Mr. Lee. Shortly thereafter, he was out selling frozen meat with Ickey Woods...or something similar.


Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade

I just wanna break something!!! It's amazing my keyboard is still intact. Seriously, Rage makes me want to hurt people. I'm not particularly proud of that, but I'm not proud of my receding hairline either, and I live with it. So there's that.

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