Friday, June 15, 2007

Why Are We Still Talking About The Spurs?


I was listening to Dan Patrick's show earlier today and heard the interview with Robert Horry. Interesting tidbits:

- He was asked which team was better, the Spurs or the Lakers...After stalling a few mins, he said the 2001 Lakers were in such a groove, he didnt think anyone could stop that squad. He was also asked to name the players on the team, and rattled off Kobe, Shaq, Harper, Ho Grant, Fox and that was it :-).Guess he forgot D Fish caught FIRE that year
- He was asked who's the better big man, Shaq or Tim. Without hesistation, said Tim. Went on to say he's more versatile on both ends of the floor but did acknowledge Shaq was the dominant person in his area

On a side note, isnt it the funny the least celebrated member of the original big 3 in Dallas won a title before his more popular ex-teammates??

Gangsta D:

Actually, the "original" original Big 3 in Dallas was Kidd, Mashburn, and Jackson:)

Da Realist:


It's funny to see all these articles about lack of respect on the Spurs. And I "loved" the comparisons to the recent dynasties. But for them to believe these Spurs would match up well with any of those is ridiculous. Ok, Jemele used the Celtics as a gauge. Who guards Bird? Bowen? Puhlease, the diff btw Bird and Lebron is a jump shot. And the former made lots of them with premier defenders on him. And DJ would be the Celtics' answer to Brucie on D. She mentioned the Bulls. In his prime there was NO one that stopped Jordan.

Ughh I'm getting exhausted typing on two teams I didnt like but definitely respected :-). So no Laker breakdown from moi

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