Monday, June 18, 2007

Realist is MAAAD Salty

Gangsta D:

Sorry Mr. Hunt:)

Da Realist:

are y'all taking his trade demand seriously? this seems like much ado about nothing. keeps talking about playing for a winner, but wherever he goes he'll be in the same situation he's in now.

i am enjoying the whining, though. :-)

Gagnsta D:

When Shaq said the same things 3 years ago, nobody called it whining. Kobe does it and it's whining. I guess there is no absolute morality:)

I don't see how he won't be traded. I'd rather he didn't, cause we're gonna suck the next few years. But it's gonna be hard to come into camp and and say you're ready to play when you threw a bucket of shit on the team four months earlier:) But, if he stays then I'll still be there throwing up the "W"

Da Realist:

somehow it's all related. shaq left because of kobe. kobe wants to leave...because of kobe. i'm enjoying this little soap opera. i just don't want to see him in a chicago uniform. so if it makes sense, i'd rather he just stay in LA.

Gangsta D:

Part of me wants him to go to Chicago just to stick it to you. I can live with him in Chicago. I actually like Chicago. Chicago might actually be my favorite team in the East. As a matter of fact, if Kobe goes to Chicago I might cheer as hard for them as I do LA. Ok maybe not as hard, but they'd be a close second. Can you live with that....HAMMER?!? lol

Da Realist:

nope. i'll root so hard against them i wouldn't even WEAR the color red until he leaves.

Gangsta D:

So if the Bulls win a title with Kobe, you wouldn't acknowledge it? THAT is serious hate.

I HATED Malone when he was with the Jazz.
I HATED TO when he "desecrated" the Star.
I MILDLY DISLIKED Shaq when he was with Orlando.

But when they joined my team, they all got unconditional love. It's about the TEAM, not the individual. Isn't that THE RIGHT WAY, as Larry Brown might say? lol

Da Realist:

hate hate hate. if it's about team, they wouldn't trade for kobe.


MCBias said...

Kobe in a Bulls uniform, heh, that's a great photoshop job. I'm enjoying the discussion format, guys.

Gangsta D said...

Photoshop? Dude, how about reality? Kobe to the Bulls is the only trade I will give my blessing to:)