Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smells Like....

Gangsta D:

The NBA has a number of exciting teams: Suns, Mavs, Warriors, Wizards, Bulls, etc. But they all lost. They got beat by the Spurs and Cavs, or by the teams the Spurs and Cavs beat. So what do you do? Re-seeding the playoff matchups only means that the Spurs beat the Suns two weeks later. I don't know how you make boring teams exciting, if they're the best each conference has to offer!

Last night's game was BRUTAL. 40-38 at halftime? The Spurs went 5 minutes without scoring a basket in the 4th, and the Cavs couldn't take the lead? Speaking of the Spurs, this team is AS GOOD as the '01 Lakers? Sports Guy needs to be slapped in the face repeatedly, then have his head crushed by an SUV...repeatedly.

Hey LeBron. TAKE OVER THE GAME! How many times did he drive to the foul line then dish to Drew Gooden, who missed an open jumper. As much as I dislike Wade, he took over the series last year. He would not leave it to chance. I don't know what Bron's thinking half the time. And that bail out pass to Varajao? Looks like he got nervous.

Robert Horry will have more rings than Jordan. You OK with that?

Da Realist:

you need to re-read that sport's guy article. he did nothing but praise the "awesome" lakers and stated the spurs weren't as good.

horry has more rings? so does sam jones and every other celtic lucky enough to have played with bill russell. i don't cite the number of rings a player has as a barometer of their greatness. tim's about to win four. does that make him better than larry bird? nope.

speaking of the spurs... even Da Wife said last night, "i'll be glad when the spurs actually have to beat a good team to win a title. it seems like their always the 'default' champs. then win when there are no other good teams". i said, "that is the EXACT same thing i wrote D and Waldini last week."

Shoot Horry will have more rings than a LOT of the greats :-)


I can't even watch these games. I spent last night responding to emails, phone calls, and forwarding you guys the new Common. I saw the score via and just said, that's not even worth it. And when I finally got to the TV to check out the game, it was in the 4th and the score was 67-57 with 6 mins left. I decided to watch the rest of Ghost Dog on FLIX. What does that tell you? That if diehard fans like us are struggling to watch, what do you think casual fans are doing? And that's the real problem right there.

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