Friday, July 27, 2007

Old School Friday - R&B Madness

I had a thought. Not always a good thing, but I went with it. 98% of the Old School videos I've posted have been rap. Since we're all about diversity here at The Commission, I decided to change it up. This week, we're straight R&B homey.

En Vogue - My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)

Fellas doesn't this bring back memories? In the early 90's, En Vogue was pretty much running the game. Cindy was the pretty one. Dawn was the total package. Terry was down to earth. Maxine...could really sing. I kid Max. I kid. Anyway, I always wished those silver dresses were just two inches shorter!

Janet Jackson - Any Time Any Place

OMFG! This song was the shit in high school. Wait, it's still the shit. Watching the video you're like, "Damn I think Janet likes to have sex! Cool!" I'm gonna stop writing now. Just enjoy.

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time

Best MJ video other than Thriller? I don't know, but it was cool to see him acknowledge that he was black:) Now, it's not perfect. "The Kiss" is pretty ridiculous, and Magic's cameo is unnecessary squared. But on the whole, it definitely represents. I couldn't find the short version, so you'll have to fast forward through 3 minutes of bad acting. I'm sorry, damn!

Chuckii Booker - Turned Away

Drew Gooden can suck Chuckii Booker's nuts. Dude was rocking a box AND a duck! You can't get any more pimpin' than that. One thing though. What was it with late 80's video vixens always being light skinned with long curly hair?

Lisa Lisa - I Wonder If I Take You Home

Lisa Velez had the nicest pair of....hands you've ever seen. They were quite impressive, as was this song. From like 85-88, Lisa was one of the hottest chicks in the game. J-Lo who?

New Edition - If It Isn't Love

In honor of my boy G-Nice, who's getting married this weekend, I had to hit you off with an NE classic. This video is great, but it's missing the controlled insanity of Bobby Brown...

Bobby Brown - Every Little Step

Speaking of which. Let's end this week's session with a classic. MY NAME IS BROWWWN!

p.s. I had a "High Right Low Left" haircut in 8th grade. All photographic evidence has been destroyed.


Anonymous said...

Ok. Lisa Lisa was the DEFINITION of dopeness in junior high and high school. It took alot to knock her off the pedestal. Honestly it was the firsat time I saw a latino woman look like she did. It made me realize that there a re prety women in all races. Name another dope latina back then?? Shiela E (Rock Rock Holly Rock everybody want to Holly Rock!!), En Vogue (I was into short girls because I was really short in high school 5'-1" in 9th grade and Max was my baby!), Janet of course, Salt N' Pepa (I liked all of them!) and little known rap girl group founded by Jermaine Dupree know as Finesse and Synquis came into the game. I know who... but I thought they were cute. Also, don't hate Oaktown 3-5-7 and B Angie B. My childhood what can I say.

Quote K-Dawg never more!!!!

stopmikelupica said...

Yo, this Lisa Lisa (what a fine, fine chick) joint was still in her freestyle days, not so much R&B. Like K7 and every other New York Rican in the 80's, it was all about the freestyle music.

Every Little Step = Bobby Brown's greatest song, and possibly the best R&B song of the 80's.

Gangsta D said...

Dude, I'm from Georgia. We didn't know nothing about freestyle. If a chick was singing, we called it R&B:) But I feel you.

Bobby really could've been one of the great ones. But that powder is too powerful!

Jarrett Carter said...

The only thing missing from this list was Hi-Five's "The Kissing Game."

You were oh so close to Total Victory with this one.