Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekly Tebow Hate

From (Jehova) Tebow's Wikipedia entry:

In his first season with the Gators, Tebow became an integral part of Urban Meyer's offense as backup to starter Chris Leak as well as a key player in certain situations, providing a hard-to-defend "dual threat" as both a runner and a passer.
Hmm. I'm thinking that should read "a hard-to-defend "dual threat" as both a runner who runs to the left and a runner who runs to the right."

For some reason I don't think there were any DC's that said "Oh shit, he ran! We totally didn't prepare for that. Oh well, what can you do? It's always a 50/50 proposition." I'm sure those 33 pass attempts last season, really kept the defensive minds of the SEC up at night.

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More Credible said...

Tebow hate? C'mon dude, he's not that bad. He's a pretty cool cat. I'm sure people think he's some douschebag but he really is a nice guy.

And I promise, he will answer the question that he can throw.

Gangsta D said...

I'm sure Jehova is a real nice guy. Nevertheless, he has not proven himself to be a real nice QB, yet EVERYBODY seems to think he's gonna set the world on fire. We shall see. And I shall be ready with snark the world has yet to imagine, should he fail:)