Friday, July 13, 2007

Old School Friday - The Randomness

There's no over arching theme to this week's batch of goodies. Just a little bit of old school randomness to get your weekend started right. Sit back and enjoy.

De La Soul - Saturday

Just a fun ass song. Pure and simple. I used to love this joint in high school, even though I was never the biggest De La fan. Yeah I know, that's sacrilege. They never totally did it for me, but I do respect quite a few of their joints.

Kirk Franklin - Revolution

I don't even wanna hear it. Ya'll know damn well you were trying to crip walk to this back in the day! The beat was bumping and you kind of lost yourself in the song, and forgot about the "message." This really was Kirk's peak. It was the ultimate "I'm Keith Hernandez" moment, as he gave a middle finger to the gospel establishment. Preach PREACHER!

Hammer - Pumps And A Bump(Clean)

I had to make sure I put up that didn't contain Hammer showing the world his...umm..."hammer." That was one of the all time disturbing videos. But anyhoo (take that HCIC), this version is all sorts of comedy with Hammer trying to be hard. I really can't understand what he's saying, but the chorus always cracks me up and the dancing is on point as usual. Hammer gets points for trying.

Supercat - Dolly My Baby

OH MY GOD Puff was wack! It's hard to muck up a Supercat track, but Puff almost succeeds. Thank god Big was there to pick up the pieces. Trevor Sparks? Um yes, thanks for playing we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

MC Eiht - Streiht Up Menace

JEAH! Absolutely classic song. Even though "We Come Strapped" was a classic, Eiht could never top this song in terms of quality.

Death Row Reestyle

Rare behind the scenes footage of the Death Row days. Yeah, the freestyles aren't the best but I just get the warm and fuzzies watching these dudes in their heyday. Can you believe The Chronic came out 14 and a half years ago? Yeah, me neither. 11th grade was the shit wasn't it? lol


The HCIC said...

As much as I approve of your use of the most outstanding word, "jeah," that's how much I disapprove of your use of the word, "anyhoo." At least, I voiced my disapproval and tried to steer u in the right direction. The rest is up to you.

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