Friday, July 20, 2007

Old School Friday - Sophomore year

1995 was the year. ATL was the place. Broke as a joke was I. Actually, that's a lie. I had money, but spent it all by November because I lost my fucking mind. "Sorry sir, but you're card has been declined." BURN!!!! But I did learn my lesson...sort of. Anyways, sophomore year was cool. Waldini bought a car, so the crew had transportation. I saw Pulp Fiction about a THOUSAND times by Christmas. My roommate and I gave nicknames to all the ugly girls we knew (Mutants Forever!). And I almost got shot at a strip club. Pretty eventful year, if you ask me.

Dove Shack - Summertime In The LBC

"I ride with a...I slide with a..."
Just the absolute perfect groove. This song hit right as we went back to school, and it was THE best song to ride out to Lenox. I'm shocked these guys didn't hit bigger. This song should've launched them into the stratosphere.

Outkast - Benz Or A Beamer

What's up with the Bankhead Bounce shawty!?! A classic video that introduced the masses to the Bankhead Bounce, AND showcased Kast's supreme lyrical skills. It's startling to see Dre look like a regular dude before Badu, ski boots, and argyle. Nevertheless, you have to appreciate the best rap group ever putting it down. Yeah, I said it!

p.s. Check out dude from Yin Yang Twins at the :40 mark. He ain't never had no weight on him:)

Junior M.A.F.I.A - Get Money (Remix)

OK, it's not really the remix but a G.I. Joe mashup that's probably the greatest video ever. Destro was the original pimp. Baroness was a badass with a reptile fetish. Together, they were unstoppable.

And if you want to check out the original, here you be. Notice how Kim looks like an actual person instead of the Alien she turned into.

Tha Dogg Pound - New York New York

"...ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings." Talk about a shot across the bow. Tha Pound come through and pretty much wrecked it. I love Snoop's facial expressions throughout the video. He must've been off that purp or something:)

Raekwon - Ice Cream

"You're whole shell, baby, wicked like Nimrod." I always wanted to try that line on a chick, but never had the balls to. Something tells me I made the right choice. This song was an ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC...until Cappadonna's part. What the fuck was he smoking when he wrote his verse? I love you like I love my dick size? Okay? Fortunately, he couldn't completely ruin the experience. Great song and video, except for Whackadonna of course.

The Pharcyde - Drop

Whatever happened to the Pharcyde? Fat Lip was last seen wearing a diaper while riding a bike. Tre was banging that white chick from Real World Hawaii. And yeah, that's about it. Damn shame. At any rate, this song is dope, but the video is doper. Spike Jonz is on that shit, for real.


King Samario said...

Shout out to the X Men! Professor X, Rockbiter, Grimace, Chewbakka, Mushmouth and Fishface.

Great Waldini said...

Don't forget about Nagshead

Gangsta D said...

Seriously. How can we POSSIBLY forget about Nagshead? lol

stopmikelupica said...

Yo, Cab-badonna's verse ain't that bad... "only a hard dozen wanna be calling me cousin..."

Like Ghost don't throw out wild rhymes that make no sense? "god damn, backyard's bangin like a Benz-y"...

Great choices all around!

Oh, and since ya'll posted Tha Dogg Pound's "NY NY", I'm gonna have to go find some YouTube of the Mobb Deep/CNN joint "LA LA" now...

Gangsta D said...

OK, Cappadonna's verse wasn't TERRRRIBLE as Walton might say. But it was a definitely a buzzkill.

Come on, even though you're from the NY, you gotta love New York, New York. You have to respect them for having the balls to "crush the buildings." lol