Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weekly Tebow Hate

According to EDSBS, College Football is only 39 days away. After a summer of Kobe protestations, Lucifer Vick, and crooked basketball refs, college ball can't get here fast enough. And I can think of no better way to celebrate it's imminent arrival, than to generate some good old-fashioned hate.

The object of my scorn and derision? Tim (Jehova) Tebow, of course. According to some media personnel, Mr. Tebow is the #2 QB in the SEC. Ask a Gator fan and he'll have you believe Timmy threw for 4,000 yds, ran for 2,000 yds, scored 30 TDs, and had 3 picks last year. Ummm...not really. He has shown a proclivity to run right and throw really ugly jump passes, though. So he's got that going for him.

Now for full disclosure, I'm a Miami and Georgia fan, so I'm predisposed to disliking all things Gator. But, I've never claimed to be objective when it comes to college football. Fans predicting "Tebow for Heisman" aren't rational, so why the Hell should I be?

So in honor of the Second Coming, we'll be hitting you off with some weekly Tebow hate. Don't expect long in depth posts until the season starts. Until then, the weekly hate will consist of short statements proclaiming Tebow as the douchebag he is. Hope you enjoy. Unless you're a Gator, which means you'll probably hate. That's OK, I've been hated on by a higher class of people than Gator fans.


Scotty #13 said...

There is no higher class of people. You should be so lucky to be hated by Gator fans. However, since you've said nothing outlandish to this point, you have not earned our hate. Beware, Tebow may strike you down with lightning for writing such blasphemy.

Gangsta D said...

So far, you're the most reasonable Gator fan I've ever met. Nice to make your acquaintance.

If Tebow represents, I'll respect him. But I'm still talking trash, no matter what. It's what I do:)

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