Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stupid Bowl System

Da Realist:

happy now?

Gangsta D:

Quit your whining. You can't fight progress. It's gonna happen. Just let it take you:)

Da Realist:

progress? this is bad comedy.

Gangsta D:

You'd rather have the system we had before the BCS? Where teams would "lay their claim" to the Nat'l title. The BCS isn't perfect, but at least we play a game to determine the title. Under this proposed new system, the field is opened to two more teams to show their mettle. There will always be debate, because someone will be left out of the top four. So the integrity of the regular season will remain intact.
Whatever that means:)

Da Realist:

i actually don't mind the plus-1 model. i just see this as another step closer to a playoff format. we have already added a meaningless extra bcs bowl game no one wants to see that rotates each year (think boise st vs west virginia). now the plus-1 is in consideration.

before too long, we'll have 64 teams in "december madness" all playing for the title. of course i'm exaggerating, but still. games are on every day of the week, we got conference championship tourneys and seeding. we've pushed the title game into the second week in january instead of january 1, where it belongs. and now we got a mini-playoff.

the good ole bcs boys are bending over for that dollar every which way they can. they're going to end up erasing everything that makes college football special.

Gangsta D:

There will NEVER be a true playoff format in college football. Maybe you're grandkids will be a part of it, but no time in the near future.


Amen to that....As long as the powers that be continue to put their self interests first instead of what the people want, there will never be a format that will satisfy everyone. The BCS was the supposed answer to resolving the undisputed champion issue and we saw 3 years ago, how that played out.

I'm sure one the plus-1 format suffers b/c there will be that one time where we will have at least 5 or 6 teams that have a valid stake to the title, someone will again push for expansion of this. What's next, the plus-2? plus-3?....

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