Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bitter Old Codger!

Gangsta D:

Craig Hodges is talking mad ish. Yeah you won a title, but you had a little help pimpin':)

Whether it's 3-point contests or championships, I know how to win. Reggie, on the real, last time I saw you hoopin' on the NBA level, you got your motherf----- shot blocked on a breakaway layup that you (didn't) dunk. Last time you saw Craig Hodges, I won a championship. Reggie can come back and be successful, but will he win? What's going on down the stretch, brother? We can all come back because we can see how watered-down (the league) is. It's so sickening to watch this s---.
Da Realist:

yeah, i read that a few days ago. it's funny how he favorably compared himself to reggie miller when he couldn't beat out john paxson or an emerging bj armstrong in 92. reggie miller was the face of the pacers for a 15 years


Craig Hodges eh? Well it's good he hasnt lost his bravado. dont know if you remember him talking smack back when he won those 3 pt shootouts. I forget which pro it was but someone put him in his place

Gangsta D:

Confidence is one thing, but delusions are another.

BTW, how is Mark Price not on somebody's staff? He was only one of the best shooters in the league for a decade. He works in Atlanta. What, the Hawks are too good to offer him a job?


Dont you mean the Cavs? They definitely need to be taught how to hit jumpers. What better than the face of the franchise from the late 80s to mid 90s

Gangsta D:

You have to have the ability to shoot, in order to be taught how to shoot better. Cleveland is just hopeless. Not even Mark Price can help them:)


stopmikelupica said...

Wasn't Craig Hodges blacklisted out of basketball after he appeared at the White House dress in Afrocentric gear and speaking out against poverty? I'm surprised to hear he was working as a Lakers assistant. He was the man, and his words have true swag!

I hated those Bulls, too. But Hodges was the real. I would take him over Reggie "I need a screen to get open" Miller at this point in their careers.

Gangsta D said...

Hodgy over Reggie? I'm a have to meditate on that one:) I guess I see where you're coming from. Hodges is open once he comes out of the locker room.

I hadn't heard that story about Hodges. That's crazy, for real.

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